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The Growing Popularity of Infographics

Why Infographics Work

Marketing for the BrainHave you noticed how popular infographics and other visuals have become in the marketing world? There is a reason for that. If you are a business owner, you know better than anyone how busy life gets and how short of an attention span we can have sometimes. The decision for the online consumer to stay on a webpage or leave is made in just seconds, so something needs to catch their eye fast or they’re gone.

Information overload has also become an issue. Our brain is filled with so much information from all over work, the web, and the television that we start forgetting what we read, but a simple visual is so much easier to remember.

Infographics are perfect for viral marketing. With a strong visual representation of an idea, people are much more compelled to share it with others.

The Benefits of Using Data Visualization as a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

  • Consumers can get all the information they want and need in seconds.
  • It is a more interesting way to convey facts.
  • It’s a simple way to recycle great content.
  • It is easier to portray and emotion, thus getting you on the bandwagon for the latest trend of emotional SEO.
  • It can be quicker than writing a whole blog post or press release.
  • People love to share interesting visuals.


The Science Behind Infographics

The biggest reason that customers love infographics is that our brains are hard wired for them. The majority of our sensory receptors are in our eyes meaning it is the strongest sense we have, and you use nearly half of your brain when processing visuals so that you can quickly grasp a meaning.

How to Do an Infographic Right

So, you already know how and why infographics work, but how can you make sure yours will work well for you? An infographic doesn’t do you any good if it isn’t appealing to consumers, so here are some tips to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make your infographic go viral.

  • Everything is in order like a story.
  • The most important facts or points should visually stand out.
  • Minimize the amount of text, and balance the text that’s there with pictures and icons.
  • Try to present your information in a creative way rather than just standard graphs.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Use complimenting colors, but not too many. 3 colors are usually the best.

In conclusion, while you should not dump all your content marketing strategies in favor of infographics and other data visualization content, visuals can really be an asset to your company, providing a more interactive way for consumers to learn about your business.