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Top 10 SEO Women & Why You Should Follow Them

Yesterday, I revealed my list of the Top 10 SEO Men with reasons why you should follow them on social media. Today I present my list of the top 10 SEO women, who represent the top thought leaders on search, social, and content marketing.

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The Top 10 SEO Women

Ann Smarty

Ann SmartyOwner of myblogguest.com since November 2009 and SEO consultant, Ann realized the need for her guest blogging services so she became a consultant and owner of SEO Smarty. Ann makes frequent contributions to Search Engine Journal. She is Director of Blue Glass Interactive, a merger of Search and Social. Ann’s blog made it to the number 7 spot in the best 2010 Wikio SEO blog. Matt Cutts was only six points away from hers. She writes and publishes unique blog articles all over the web.

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Jill Whalen

Jill WhalenFrom Ashland, Massachusetts, Jill Whalen, is the most reasonable person known in her industry. She generally compares both sides before making her decision or giving an opinion. Jill Whalen is an innovator of search engine optimization. She started in the field of SEO in the early part of 1990. Her company, High Rankings was founded in 1995. Her experience spans over forty industries; helping them to increase their online presence, conversion rate and sales using search engine strategies.

With almost 25,000 followers and close to 16,000 Tweets on her Twitter page, Jill shows how busy she really is when it comes to connecting and being socially motivated.

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Julie Joyce

Julie JoyceFrom Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Julie Joyce is one of the founders of Link Fish Media. She is also the Director of Operations and with a background in web programming, she fell in love with search engine marketing in 2002. Her leadership skills and goal-oriented focus simplifies her SEO proficiency. Julie worked in a small IT company before she stated Link Fish Media. She was manager to a group of search engine specialists. She gained her experience there. She is one of the founders of SEO Chicks. With more than 10,000 followers and over 20,000 Tweets, Julie has staked an integral claim of the online market place. She makes frequent contributions to Search Engine Land and Search Marketing Gurus.

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Vanessa Fox

Vanessa FoxVanessa Fox authored the book, Marketing in the Age of Google: Your Online Strategy IS Your Business Strategy (Wiley, 2nd edition, April 2012). She described it as the first book entrepreneurs of the twenty first century must read. She sold her company, “Nine by Blue,” in 2013; after which, she stared the digital agency, RKG. She was the primary product officer in the company until she moved to search engine analytics. Vanessa is known for being the creator of Google Webmaster Central. She is a search engine specialist with about 20 years of experience. With more than 37,000 followers and over 6,000 Tweets, Vanessa is a force to be reckoned with.

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Annie Cushing

Annie CushingAnnie Cushing is owner of the Annielytics blog. She named the blog from her first name and the fact that she is obsessed with data visualization and analytics. Annie provides serious information from an insider perspective about the use of marketing tools and pivot tables to evaluate data. She loves to share her knowledge and expertise through presentations and content. She has played almost every starting role as it relates to content writing and promotion on the Internet. She has written content, proofread and edited it, published it, optimized content, marketed content via email and on the web, gotten backlinks for her content, and even shared it on social media.

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Jennifer Sable Lopez

Jennifer Sable LopezJennifer has defied all the odds when it comes to business and health. She is known as one of the most superior geeks online while still maintaining her semblance as a person with incomparable organizational skills. In her personal life, she beat cancer, which shows you the kind of fighting spirit she has. She has a web development background and a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She loves to write SEO content. When Jennifer is not working, she is traveling all around the world. She loves watching television programs such as Dora, the Explorer and Dancing with the Stars. She loves to listen to Latin and South African music. She lives with her photographer husband and daughter in Seattle, Washington.

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Judith Lewis

Judith LewisIt was in 1996 that Judith Lewis started in the online marketing industry. She has a wide ranging experiencing in SEO tactics, which includes keyword research, link building and developing content. Judith has also dabbled in social media campaign and PPC campaign management. Before her online marketing quest, she worked in various industry sectors such as e-commerce, publishing and technology.  She works at Sheshet Consulting and uses her expertise to help small business clients on their organic search, social media and paid search marketing campaigns.

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Dana Lookadoo

Dana LookadooDana Loookadoo is CEO and owner of Pixel Position, which is a well-known SEO agency and Yo!Yo!, which is a web development company. She provides SEO training and consulting to companies worldwide. She has an innate love for SEO and she studies the way humans behave on the Internet. Dana is unafraid to ask questions or try new stuff. Her focus is on engaging her audience and anything related to search. When she is not working on SEO and social media, she loves cycling.

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Rhea Drysdale

Rhea DrysdaleRhea Drysdale is the owner of Outspoken Media. She is an SEO and link building specialist. Native of Jacksonville, Florida and currently in Troy, New York, Rhea works tirelessly to manage her SEO Company to stay in the game and remain competitive. She is smart, dedicated and always on a path to learning more about SEO. Her goal in life is to be the best at what she does. She has keen insight and an excellent understanding of all aspects related to SEO, content strategy and social media. Her link building expertise has made her the authority among her male and female counterparts in the industry.

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Donna Fontenot

Donna FontenotDonna Fontenot is a Web Developer. She is owner of SEO Scoop and a respected blogger at Search Engine People. She also moderates the forum at Search Engine Round Table.  Donna wears other hats such as SEO Consultant and Business Coach. She works with all types of SEO projects. In fact, she is enamored with the Internet and ways to drive traffic to her customer’s website. Her voracious craving for search marketing allows her to work hard at perfecting her SEO craft. Owner of blog, DazzlinDonna.com, she is not afraid to share her passion for earning an income online.