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What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About SEO: Part 1

If you’re a reader like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced the book-to-movie adaptation dilemma. I read The Hunger Games after my wife devoured the whole trilogy. I knew there was a movie in the works and I waited until closer to the release date before I read the young adult phenomenon. After all, this is no Twilight. The Hunger Games is a story about a dystopian society who yearly turns teenagers into murderers by forcing them into a closed arena in a winner (read survivor) takes all situation. Having read the book, I was among the many who saw the movie this past opening weekend. So what does The Hunger Games have to do with search engine optimization companies?

As I left the theater thinking about all the differences, good and bad, between the film adaptation and the book, I was faced with the book-to-movie dilemma. Conclusions in these situations always seem to be that the book was better as I hear statements such as, “The book had so many more details and story elements that the movie left out,” or “They took so many shortcuts that the book didn’t take.” Oddly enough on the drive home, my brain wanted to draw a loose comparison from this dilemma to what I know Advice Interactive Group does well compared to other SEO companies. Advice Interactive is the book; the quick-fix SEO companies are the book-to-movie adaptation.

Since Advice is an Internet marketing company, I often come across these quick-rank SEO sites when doing quality keyword research for our clients. The most recent instance I found was last week when researching the hail damage in an area of Texas for a roofing company. This is why my mind was so quick to think about different types of SEO companies and the image below shows the quick-rank site. As you can tell, this is pretty much directory listing spam.

Do these sites rank? Yes. If it didn’t rank, I wouldn’t have come across it. However, it won’t rank for long as quality content will always outlast black hat SEO. There are no shortcuts to SEO that produce long-tail results. While sites like the above spam-laden directory listing seem to make liars out of above-grade SEO companies, there is truth to what the large search engines tell us about this content being pushed down in favor of quality content when you examine results over the long haul. The SEO approach in the image above is the movie adaptation that leaves “details and story elements” out from the book you so dearly love. The movie can be entertaining, but it will never have the long-lasting appeal of the story as you read it the first time.

Advice Interactive doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to SEO and does not believe Page Rank can be sold in a box. Advice also does not believe search engine optimization is finished upon launch of a new website. Our Dallas SEO Firm works with our clients on an individual basis to determine what each company needs and what can be done for Page Rank improvement. Our success is dependent on our detailed, individualized, and multi-level approach to ongoing SEO. Trust Advice Interactive Group for your business’s web design, internet marketing, local search engine optimization, reputation management, and local directory listing services. Call us at 214-310-1356 for more information.

**In Part 2 of What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About SEO, I will take a closer look at the heroine, Katniss Everdeen, and how her choices in the arena compare to choosing an above-the-fold local SEO company. Keep watching.