Using WordPress Custom Post Type Templates in a Plugin

If you’re a developer and have worked with WordPress, chances are you have used custom post types. When I started customizing WordPress I found myself using custom post types in themes frequently. Applying a custom template is easy since page templates also typically go in the theme directory. So what happens when you’re writing a plugin and want to use a template for your custom post type? You can stick […Read More]

Developing a Project Set-Up for Developers

In my last post, I mentioned I wanted to talk about developing a project workflow as a developer. However, after thinking about it for some time, my original intentions were not to say which systems you should or shouldn’t use or which ones I thought might be the best. I’m still exploring those types of things myself. What I really wanted to talk about was what steps you might take […Read More]

How Doctor Who and Quantum Physics Can Help with Your SEO Content Writing

In honor of fellow sci-fi fans gearing up for Halloween, I wanted to talk about the longest-running science fiction television show in the world. That’s right folks; I’m talking about Doctor Who. But what in the world does Doctor Who have to do with content writing? More than you know. Doctor Who has become a worldwide sensation through TV, the Internet and word of mouth, and while most content won’t […Read More]


Infographics Can Entertain, Inform & Go Viral In a time crunch and needing to come up with an interesting blog post while juggling several other deadlines, I gave some thought (at least 47 minutes) to the subject of time management. This is sometimes the bane of my personal existence, spawning many nightmares over the years. What could be a better topic for a pre-Halloween blog? I’ll tell you what’s better: […Read More]

Word Choice Tips for Stronger SEO Content

Choosing the Right Word The main goal of an SEO content writer is two-fold: keep readers on the page and entice them to act. This is done by providing readers with relevant information related to their search and presenting it in a way that’s easy to find, easy to read, and easy to understand. When writing is informative and well-written, readers are more engaged in what you have to say, […Read More]

Link Analysis Checklist

Brief History of Link Building: From the dawn of the Internet, and more specifically the increasing use of search engines, links have played a huge role in showcasing the popularity of websites. Search engines used the amount of inbound links to a site to determine its page rank and authority, which enabled sites to attain a higher ranking in results. Soon after, sites began to notice a direct correlation of links from […Read More]

Writing Tip: Using Contractions in SEO Content

It’s a new age out there, people. We’re in the middle of a time when technology, information, and even language is evolving right under our noses. Our global society is trained to want the latest and greatest, and catching up to recent trends is easy to do because anyone can get their hands on and spread new information via the Internet. In fact, that’s how the Merriam-Webster dictionary gets its […Read More]