Where Did You Search Today?

Earlier today in his talk at the Dallas Digital Summit, Jon Kaufman asked you where you searched today? You voted, and here are your results! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a shout @AdviceGroup You need to upgrade your Flash Player to view this page.

The Mysterious Kolache Box: How to Advertise with QR Codes

  A few days ago a mysterious box of kolaches showed up in our break room. By lunch they were gone and the kolache box, covered in advertisements from third parties, was about to be tossed. But, as an internet marketing company filled with inquisitive geeks, questions had to be asked. Where was the company branding from the kolaches-maker? No branding, no website, no phone number. Where did these QR […Read More]

Jon Kaufman and Other Passionate Presenters Highlight the Dallas Digital Summit Stage

Today will mark the first day of the two-day Dallas Digital Summit (#DDSum12). As I sit and ponder all of the events, conventions, and summits I have been to across my technology career, I wonder what makes those events special and fruitful—I wonder what will make the first-annual Dallas Digital Summit different from all others? What makes them good? Information that would not ordinarily be available or understood through SlideShare, Go-To-Meeting, […Read More]

The Increasing Demand for Search Marketers: A Plea for Honest Work

“the times, they are a-changin’…” At a recent search marketing conference here in Dallas, a common joke permeated throughout several presentations. The joke was that search marketers always come on stage and start their talks with, “Our industry is always changing.” While it’s easy to make light of a very general throwaway phrase, our industry really is always changing, and fast. The joke would have little to no merit if […Read More]