Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Gangnam Style

By now, everyone has heard the Korean pop sensation, Gangnam Style. Whether it was the mother-son duo, the U.S. Navy parody, or the Mitt Romney version that debuted weeks before the November election, we all know the song that has taken America by storm. As the success of PSY and his catchy tune continues to spread, the knowledge of  “viral videos” and the interests of Internet users becomes increasingly clear.  […Read More]

SEO Sales: Getting Your Foot in the Door

As an SEO sales professional, you face many hurdles.  Some are easier to overcome than others.  Cold calling and setting the initial appointment is one of the most daunting tasks you will face.  The act of making that first call is not difficult by any means.  It is what leads up to that first call and what ensues immediately after someone answers the phone on the other end that can […Read More]

The Relationship of SEO and Development, Part 2

Earlier this week in The Relationship of SEO and Development, Part 1 I mentioned some topics I would further discuss in part 2. While not everything may affect SEO, the point of this isn’t to get the number one spot on a search page, because I am not even getting into strategies for that. As a developer there are certain things you can do to develop web sites so that […Read More]

HTML5 and the Geolocation API

HTML5 has a lot of pretty awesome features. One in particular that I have been playing around with lately is the geolocation API. With this API, you can detemine the geographical location of your users. This can be helpful for applications that might recommend local services or products based on a person’s location. Another use of this would be to display the user’s location on a map (we can do […Read More]

The Relationship of SEO and Development, Part 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of development. Are you a developer wondering why you should be concerned with SEO? If you thought it was just about the content on a page, and how many Keywords you can stuff into that, stick around. You will see just why SEO is so important to the development process of a site. This list is not in any particular order, but […Read More]

Be a Good Parent to Your Links

Link builders are constantly looking for quality, authoritative sites to partner with. Whether that be through guest posting or directory submissions, link builders are always trying to expand and improve their prospect lists to better diversify their client’s link building profile. With that comes an incredible amount of research, outreach, and link evaluation. The most successful link building campaigns have the potential to increase a site’s traffic, search engine rankings, […Read More]

Find Your Font And Gain A Captive Audience

Fonts are primarily for visual pleasure, it’s true. Since visual impact is significant to user experience, designating the right font for your content will help decide if your content will actually reach and engage your audience. Your Font Experience Font enthusiasts may have heard about a documentary called Helvetica by Gary Hustwit where the subject of how Helvetica came to be the most popular font in the world is analyzed. Typeface aficionados may have heard […Read More]

WordPress bloginfo – template_directory vs stylesheet_directory

In a previous post I talked about WordPress Child Themes. One question I have seen asked a lot is when to use bloginfo(‘template_directory’) and when to use bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’). Template directory will return the directory of the active template – not the active theme. When creating a child theme you declare the parent theme by setting “Template: ” in the style.css comments. With this in mind it makes sense that bloginfo(‘template_directory’) […Read More]

Why Dr. Seuss Should Have Been a Web Content Writer

Before there was Internet and networks and so on There was a man that we all did dote on His name was Seuss, and his tongue was loose Rhyming and twisting words about life and battles and political faddle To teach us all about the things that matter As you all know after reading my last post on Doctor Who, I really like my doctors. So, this time, I thought […Read More]

All Words are NOT Created Equal

Words are fun. They help us communicate with each other. And with as many words as there are (and with more being invented every year), it’s easy to find the exact way to say what we want in any number of ways. However, according to tender writing services sydney this does not mean that all words are created equal. But… but… synonyms! They’re words that all mean the same thing, […Read More]