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7 Ways to Maximize Free Business Directory Listings

Free Business Directory ListingsWith a plethora of marketing tools at your disposal, it can seem that free business directory listings often fall to the bottom of the pile, perhaps never getting much attention at all. While certainly these listings do not require the ongoing level of activity that social sites do, they are more than worth some time from you. Following are seven ideas from our team here at Advice Local on how you can maximize the benefit you get from these listings.

1. Complete every element to each listing. Every empty field in a directory listing profile is a lost opportunity to catch a potential client’s attention.

2. Be consistent. Believe it or not, this simple rule really makes a big difference. Try creating a template of your basic listing information such as your website title, description and NAP to ensure you publish properly across all directories. In addition to keeping your listings consistent, this template also saves you time.

3. Make sure that your listings reflect a mix of your top keywords to grab multiple audiences.

4. Including online maps is a great way to cater to the mobile audience.

5. Target directories based upon their areas of focus, such as industries or locales.

6. Test all links to make sure they are accurate and that they work. Broken links are worse than no links at all.

7. Check and recheck your free business directory listings regularly to confirm that your business information remains constantly up to date.

Including photos in your listings is also highly recommended as a way to not only differentiate you from your competitors, but to also create better engagement with visitors.

Contact the Experts

We hope that you find these tips useful when planning your free business directory listings strategy. If you need help along the way, contact the experts here at Advice Local at 855-714-7634 anytime.