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Why Local Marketers Should Become Business Listing Resellers

As digital marketing becomes increasingly competitive, local marketers and agencies must continue to find innovative ways to offer value to clients. High-quality listing management services are an ever-present part of this process that helps businesses optimize their local presence. An effective way to leverage the power of this strategy today is to become a business listing management reseller.

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What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Business Listing Management Reseller?

A business listing management reseller partners with an established business like Advice Local to sell a comprehensive suite of local SEO and directory tools. Whether you’re a new local marketer wanting access to cutting-edge tools for your clients or an established agency looking for an edge, choosing to resell existing services is often the smart move. Let’s examine some of the benefits of reselling agency solutions.

Take Advantage of the Demand for Local SEO

The growth of local search has dramatically changed how businesses reach customers. Even small local stores can benefit from an online presence, as customers search for more information and reviews before visiting. But simply having a presence is not enough – you need complete listings with optimization and updates. For instance, this data from Google indicates that customers are 70% more likely to visit a business with a complete Google Business Profile. As a reseller, you can capitalize on this need for listing management with first-rate services.

Expand Your Business Services

Many businesses prefer to purchase local search and listing management services from a single provider. Resellers can position themselves as a one-stop shop for digital services by leveraging Advice Local’s suite of products. When your existing services are not fully meeting client needs, it might be time to shop business listing management providers.

Earn Recurring Income

Due to the need for monitoring and updates, resellers of local presence management services can operate with a recurring subscription model. Because business listing submission, optimization and modification are not one-time tasks, a reseller with a list of clients can achieve longer-term financial stability from monthly payments.

Avoid Expensive Development Costs

Business listing management services require ongoing development costs to keep up with platform changes. For most local marketers and agencies, the upfront expense of building a distribution engine (with its recurring management costs) is prohibitively expensive. It’s far easier to partner with a dedicated provider, so you can focus on client acquisition and customer service, along with other aspects.

Stand Out in a Competitive Market

Businesses interested in local marketing services have plenty of choices. However, with the right tools and track record it’s still possible to stand out. At Advice Local, our resellers gain access to a comprehensive listing network of search engines, premium directories, mapping app platforms and more. We’re also meticulous with our listing submission approach, using both APIs and manual submissions.

Scale Your Digital Agency

To scale a digital agency you need to deliver a consistently high standard of service for an expanding client base. Resellers get access to a finely tuned listing distribution system and are able to submit and modify listings in real time. Local SEO software of this kind ensures that agencies can provide the same level of service even as client numbers grow.

Become a Business Listing Management Reseller Today

Advice Local develops leading listing management solutions used to dominate local search. If selling business listing management services is a good fit for your local marketing brand or digital agency, contact us to see how we can help. Call (214) 310-1356 or request a demo now.