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Become a Reseller of Local Directory Submission Services

Local SEO services have become an important part of marketing online businesses. It’s important that businesses not only use general search engine optimization techniques to help them get page 1 ranking on relevant search terms, but that they use local SEO techniques to ensure that customers who are looking for businesses in their area can easily find them. For this reason, selling local site submissions can be very profitable; you might want to become a reseller for our company, Advice Local, in order to take advantage of this lucrative business.

As a reseller, you can offer to help businesses with local search directory submissions. You purchase services from a local site submission company and then resell the services to paying customers. This allows you to make money by helping clients attract more local customers.

You’ll need to be familiar with the basics of local SEO, but you don’t need to know more than that. As long as you understand the importance of Google Places optimization and other local site optimization, you will be able to succeed as a reseller. You just need to purchase services from a seller that is an expert in local SEO so that you can pass the expertise onto your customers.

The way it works is simple. You sign up with a local SEO company as a reseller. Then, when your clients hire you to do their local SEO, you purchase services from your SEO company and resell the services to your client. Your client gets higher local page ranks, you make a profit and the SEO company sells its services, so everybody wins.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller of local directory submission services, check out our company. Advice Local can help you meet all of your clients’ local SEO needs so that you can begin earning money helping other businesses advertise locally over the Internet. Call us at 855-714-7634 to discuss our reselling program today.

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