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How to Boost Local Search Presence With Data Amplifiers

How to Boost Local Search Presence With Data Amplifiers

Last week we discussed the importance of building niche citations from vertical directories. This week, we’re looking at how to tie together the entire data amplifier network to improve a business’ local search presence with business listings.

Local Presence Management White Label Solution

Maximizing Local Search Visibility With Business Listing Distribution

You may recall that earlier in the year we spoke with you briefly about strategies to dominate Google search results.

As a refresher, this was accomplished through optimization of the Google Business Profile, the business’ website, social media and directory listings. Each of these items plays an important role in the Local Search Ecosystem.

We’ve been talking with you in-depth about directory listings over the last month and, more specifically, the directories that make up our data amplifier network. Let’s look at the components that make up our data amplifier network… and the importance of each one.

We Start With Data Aggregators

Data aggregators submit business data to a wide selection of platforms. Data then gets distributed to search engines, business directories, mapping apps, navigation systems and many other sites.

Crucially, the top data aggregators use clean, consistent data to ensure your clients do not suffer the negative effects of bad data. With access to such powerful networks, data aggregators are the foundation of data distribution.

Data Accelerators Are Crucial

For the consumer, the search for local businesses is a very important part of the buying cycle. Consumers increasingly use search engines, mapping apps and local review platforms before they consider paying a visit to a local business.

To guarantee businesses get found during this research phase, we submit your clients’ business data to our data accelerator partners. Data accelerators ensure a business’ information is available on popular platforms and technology like wearables.

Data Enhancers Reach Targeted Users

The power of a directory listing can vary considerably, depending on the authority and reputation of the platform. The best-quality directories are incredibly valuable for both citations and the ability to reach enthusiastic, targeted consumers. These premier directories are called data enhancers, and to identify them we use website analysis to determine domain authority and other key metrics.

Voice Search Readiness Assists With Voice Assistant Visibility

Voice assistants are far from being a new phenomenon, and their popularity will only continue to grow. Voice search readiness evaluates a business’ visibility on the primary voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

GPS Accelerators Reach the Mapping Apps and Navigation Solutions

The rise of mobile technology has led to increased numbers of searches on the move. Today it’s common to search for local businesses with mapping platforms, and to use navigation systems to determine the best route to get there. Advice Local utilizes GPS accelerators to submit client data to the top GPS providers like Garmin, TomTom, Waze, Audi, BMW and Ford. We all know the threat of bad data inevitably leads to poor directions and angry customers – and in response we offer a fast and accurate way to edit business information.

Vertical Directories Build Niche Citations

Vertical directories are focused exclusively on a single niche. This dedication to a highly-specific industry highlights relevance to the search engines. And relevance (as you know) is one of Google’s primary search metrics. We have vertical directories for the legal and healthcare niches within our data amplifier network. By building niche citations on vertical directories, you’ll be able to help your clients in the legal or healthcare fields improve relevance.

Integrated Data Distribution for Improved Local Search Rankings

To provide the best and most accurate search results, Google and the other search engines rely on signals. A high-quality Google Business Profile, an engaging business website, updated social media profiles – and a wide-ranging set of business listings – are at the heart of the process.

Google identifies your clients’ businesses on popular, relevant platforms – and this influences the decision to prioritize their listings. And with approximately 46% of all search queries having local intent (according to a statement made by Google in 2018), a strong local presence inevitably translates to a stream of new customers.

Syndicate Business Listing Data With the Advice Local Data Amplifier Network

Advice Local’s data amplifier network ensures your clients reach the local directories, mobile apps, navigation systems and emerging technologies required to increase local presence and secure new customers. Want to know more about our agency partner solutions? Then simply request a demo today or call (214) 310-1356 to learn more..