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Everything You May Have Missed From Google I/O 2022

Everything You May Have Missed From Google I/O 2022

Last week we talked about how citations can help businesses achieve multiple Google listings. This week we’re turning our attention to the recent Google I/O conference, and all the latest updates from this year’s event.

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Google’s Biggest Announcements From I/O 2022

With Google I/O this past week, we wanted to bring you some of the most important announcements and reveals for those that missed watching it.

Photos & Near Me Search Are Coming to Local

Google announced that very soon users will be able to snap a photo and add the words “near me” to get local results. Another feature coming to multisearch is the ability to pan your camera, ask a question, then see relevant information about what’s surrounding you.

Google Lens Is Gaining in Popularity

Have you embraced Google Lens? It’s now being used over 8 billion times a month – that’s up 3x compared to last year and yes, this will only continue to grow. While Google Glass died quite quickly, it seems Google Lens is turning out to be another story.

Google Assistant Is Getting Smarter

More improvements to the Google Assistant just rolled out. If you have the Nest Hub Max, you can look and talk without first having to say “Hey Google.” Does this mean you’re always being watched? Well, let’s hope not.

Google also shared that they are making improvements to the assistant. So for example, when someone pauses and hasn’t quite finished speaking it will understand that, and wait to process your request. I know Siri users wish this feature was available.

Immerse Yourself in Google Maps

Look at this immersive view of Google Maps! According to Google’s tweet, “It uses advances in computer vision and AI to fuse together billions of Street View images.” Understand that Google will continue to improve its Maps product. In brief, local businesses that are not using all the features available in their Google Business Profile are really missing out.

Google Translate Adds 24 More Languages

How many languages do you speak? With Google Translate getting 24 new languages, you’ll be able to converse with people from even more countries. For instance, let’s say your client is serving customers from diverse backgrounds. Did you know you can set up your client’s website to use Google Translate so that the text on the page will automatically change to a different language based on settings the user selects?

Here’s a 12-minute version of this year’s Google I/O so you can get the scoop on more announcements.

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