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Foursquare’s Update Is Causing Delays in Business Data Syndication

Foursquare’s Update Is Causing Delays in Business Data Syndication

Last week we looked at why voice search optimization needs to be prioritized. Today we’re talking about an important update involving Foursquare.

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Foursquare Syndication Delays – What It Means for Local Businesses

You may know that Factual joined forces with data aggregator Foursquare in early 2020. At Advice Local, we had already included both Factual and Foursquare within our business listing management solution prior to their merger. In fact, today we still include submitting to Foursquare for free.

However, the Factual/Foursquare merger has caused delays in publishing the business listing data we are submitting on Foursquare City Guide. As you can see in this announcement on Foursquare’s Developers, they are making some significant changes to their Listing Syndicator Program.

As stated in Foursquare’s announcement:

“This change may impact the way listing syndicators send data to Foursquare and temporarily change where that data is available.

“During the development of the new data pipeline, there will be a delay in listing syndicator data being delivered to Foursquare’s consumer apps, Foursquare City Guide and Swarm. The data is still being updated and shared with our Places data partners, companies like Twitter, Uber and Airbnb, but those changes won’t be instantly visible in City Guide and Swarm until development is complete. The work is currently scheduled to be completed in Q3 2022, but that timeline is subject to change.”

At Advice Local, we will continue to share business data with Foursquare so that it can be distributed to their Places data partners, and also made available when they resume publishing on Foursquare City Guide.

In the meantime, if you need to get a business added on Foursquare manually, here is the link to get started. We’ll be working on a detailed how-to guide to share with you in the coming weeks.

Why Do Data Aggregators Matter for Your Clients?

We’ve been harnessing the power of data aggregators like Foursquare for years within our dashboard solution. Have you been taking advantage of data aggregators to promote a local business? If not, you’ve been missing out.

Here Are Just Some of the Reasons Why Data Aggregators Are Important

  • Trust – Inaccurate data will almost certainly lose customers due to frustration and an overall lack of trust.
  • Discoverability – Data aggregators syndicate business data to directories, social platforms and mapping apps, ensuring a business can be found.
  • Optimization – Create accurate and optimized listings and use a centralized platform to distribute them far and wide.
  • Speed – Creating manual listings is a slow process offering no real benefits when compared to the power of a data aggregator.

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At Advice Local, we have developed a listing management solution for digital agencies and marketers. We work with data aggregators and other sources so that your clients can be found on directories, mapping apps and voice search platforms that matter the most. If you would like to try our solution for yourself, request a demo today. Call (214) 310-1356 to learn more.