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why businesses need data aggregators

A Refresher on Data Aggregators & Why Businesses Need Them

Last week we discussed a common Google Business Profile myth that won’t seem to go away. Today we’re turning our attention to data aggregators, and how your local clients can benefit from using them.

What is Local Presence Management

A Data Aggregator Refresher

As a local marketer, hopefully you are well aware of the power of citations for businesses. We have actually talked with you about the value of data aggregators before. Key business data – name, address and phone number (NAP) – is an integral part of a local SEO strategy, assisting both search engines and their users. But what’s the most efficient way of syndicating this NAP data? The answer is through data aggregators.

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Data aggregators crawl and collect information about numerous businesses, sharing this data with sources around the web. Submitting business info to data aggregators will ensure the business’ data is syndicated far and wide. However, submitting manually to even a handful of directories, mapping platforms and review sites is quite time-consuming. But when you submit a business through Advice Local’s listing management solution, by including the data aggregators, you are able to reach hundreds of directories.

So Exactly Why Are Data Aggregators Important?

  • Accuracy – We talked recently about a real-world example of bad data. It’s hard to underestimate the damage that can be caused by inaccurate, outdated or duplicate listings, but data aggregators can fix many of these problems by delivering consistent NAP information.
  • SEO – Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines expect to find an expansive SEO footprint, with listings on all the main platforms. By syndicating accurate business data, a website builds trust with search engines and earns greater visibility.
  • Scale – If you set aside just 10 minutes for a single listing, you can see how quickly a network of business listings will use up your resources. Data aggregators offer efficiency without sacrificing quality.

How Can You Submit a Business to Data Aggregators?

While you can submit a business to the data aggregators directly, it’s not the easiest approach. The most simple option is to partner with a listing management service like us. By centralizing your submissions into a single dashboard, you can create and maintain listings with the data aggregators, along with other directories and mapping apps that the data aggregators will not reach.

Advice Local’s Data Aggregators We Submit to for Free

  • Data Axle (formerly Infogroup)
  • Dataprovider.com
  • Foursquare
  • Neustar Localeze

These data aggregators ensure your clients’ NAP data is delivered to a comprehensive network of platforms. As we mentioned above, citations are vital for a local business. In fact, BrightLocal did a study in 2018 that revealed 68% of consumers would stop using a local business if they discovered incorrect information in a directory. So, can you afford to avoid using data aggregators in 2022? We think not. And this is exactly why we include data aggregators submissions for our Advice Local partners for free.

Get Started With Data Aggregator Submissions Today

Do you need help managing online data for businesses? At Advice Local, you can submit local business data to the top directories, data aggregators, mappings apps and more through your partner dashboard. Request a demo today to learn how by calling (214) 310-1356.