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A Google Business Profile Roundup, Including Dispelling a GBP Myth

Last time we discussed a real-world example of bad data affecting a Google Business Profile. While we provided the solution to that particular problem, it did raise another issue – getting in contact with Google. Speaking to Google directly is a challenge (to put it mildly) but these tips will help if you ever need GBP support.

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We Are Joining Greg Gifford to End This Local SEO Myth Once and for All

SEO is a topic certain to spark intense debate, but linking to a Google Business Profile (GBP) is an issue that was settled long ago. Recently, Greg Gifford at SearchLab discussed how the myth of link building to a GBP won’t seem to go away. As Greg advises, linking to your GBP won’t help you rank in Google, and you’ll be better off earning links directly to your website.

This myth immediately reminded us of the partner who had a prospective client that was using their GBP posts to link to their own GBP profile. Since this business didn’t have their own website (they were using a Google website), they were linking one GBP post to another one.

The partner shared with us how the business’ current SEO company was selling this to the business as link building, even though the entire strategy was fatally flawed. This highlights the importance of educating clients and prospective clients on the services you offer. When clients understand Google and industry best practices, your proven SEO strategies will stand out – and you can close more deals.

Avoiding Optimization Errors With a Google Business Profile

On a similar note, you may remember that we discussed a partner who picked up the pieces for a new client dealing with the consequences of bad data. The business in question had a poorly optimized GBP after a previous SEO professional had made some adjustments.

Unfortunately, the changes they made included expired offer posts, spelling errors, poor formatting, attributes that contradicted each other and so on. Errors of this kind had drastically reduced the business’ visibility and not surprisingly, the phone stopped ringing. This business paid for poor optimization.

A Quick Look at Google Business Messages

While we’re on the topic of the Google Business Profile we want to briefly cover Google Business Messages. This feature has plenty of pros and cons, and you’ll need to weigh up the value for your clients before setting it up.

At this point, the biggest con is the addition of a request a quote button on a business’ profile, which may (or may not) be an option. This is all determined automatically by Google based on the business’ primary category. After the prospective customer submits a request for a quote to the business through GBP, Google then encourages the prospect to request a quote from other similar businesses – in essence, their competitors. As an additional channel to communicate with customers, the service certainly has potential, but there are definitely some drawbacks.

We recommend that if your customers do want the messaging feature turned on, test if the request a quote button appears or not. If it appears, you definitely want to cover the negatives of having the messaging feature turned on with your client.

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