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Poorly Optimized Google Business Profile

How Much Damage Can a Poorly Optimized Google Business Profile Cause?

Last week, we discussed a recent Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) error affecting medical categories. This week we have a horror story about the dangers of becoming a little too reliant on Google.

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The Dangers of Bad Google Business Profile Optimization

Last week, one of our Advice Local partners received a phone call from a business owner requesting a Google Business Profile (GBP) evaluation. The business owner said the phone hadn’t rung in more than 12 days and GBP is their only source for new customers – even down to only using a Google website. We have talked with you about the importance of marketing diversification many times. So it was quite a coincidence when a real-world business came calling on one of our partners.

The business owner explained they couldn’t afford a website. But if the alternative is placing their fate in the hands of Google, can one afford not to have a website? Their decision to rely solely on Google proved catastrophic. However, many other businesses regularly make this same mistake. We have discussed how GBP and business websites work together and this is one of the first things our partner told the business.

This business had hired a person to optimize their GBP and continually manage it. They thought they were doing everything right.

The Negative Impact of a Poorly Optimized Google Business Profile

At first glance, the business’ Google Business Profile looked good. But when we looked deeper (the partner shared the link with us) we discovered some real optimization issues.

Attributes – on the surface, adding attributes is exactly right. Unfortunately, the person hired to manage the profile listed the business as “Not LGBTQ+ friendly,” followed by “Transgender safespace.” Both of these were highly visible in search and maps. Talk about sending mixed messages!

Services & descriptions – even products, images & descriptions were included too. Sadly, poor grammar, weak images, incomplete sentences and other errors undid all their good work.

Offer posts – five expired Black Friday posts that were identical. These were the most visible posts on the GBP and their website. So consumers were immediately confronted with buy, buy, buy! The listing looked like it was spam.

Grammar and formatting – updated posts were plagued with grammar and spacing issues that would deter most consumers. “Learn-more” buttons sent people in a loop from post to post. This business needed conversion-friendly Call Now or Book buttons instead.

These are only a few of the problems that exist with this Google Business Profile.

We have talked with you about the importance of an optimized GBP listing, but we have never covered how the optimization of a listing this poor could negatively impact a business.

Clearly, any system relying exclusively on Google is a fragile one and you never know when the phone may stop ringing. So once again, after sharing this business’ nightmare, we ask: Are you diversifying your local business clients’ marketing efforts?

The Results an Optimized Google Business Profile Can Received

An optimized GBP can achieve amazing results for a business. Here is the data we have shared before showing how an optimized listing can improve map and search views.

  • March 9 – 2.76K (before optimization)
  • April 13 – 6.18K (after)
  • June 8 – 12.2K
  • August 9 – 20.0K
  • November 8 – 22.8K

google search views data november 2021

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