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Get Listed on the Popular Mapping Apps with Advice Local

Get Listed on the Popular Mapping Apps with Advice Local

Last week we looked at how using Google EAT (expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness) in combination with structured data can improve visibility in search and maps. This week we’ve got more maps-related updates, with a focus on mapping apps and the business data consumers find in these apps.

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Map Listings Matter to Local Businesses

Location-specific searches are now a ubiquitous part of most smartphone users’ daily search habits. Whether it is geo-modified, non-geo-modified or “near me” searches, consumers want the closest, best-reviewed and most relevant business results at all times.

Undoubtedly, many of your clients will have taken some preliminary steps into proximity-based search. Claiming Google Maps and Apple Maps listings are a good first step. But there is now so much more potential, from the diversity of mapping apps to the breadth of information you can convey to consumers.

Targeted Offers Through Google Maps

Google Business Profile (GBP) (Formerly Google My Business) posts are one example of an underutilized opportunity for reaching smartphone searchers using Maps. A post can include COVID-19 information, offers such as coupon codes, product listings, general information and event promotions.

GMB posts appear on both Google Search and Maps. Not only are they helpful, but they can encourage immediate action from individuals in the local vicinity. With just a quick update, a business has a timely and enticing promotion for the most targeted customers.

Apple Maps Continues to Evolve

You may have noticed a lot of positive signals from the recent Apple Maps iOS 15 updates. Apple now has a viable alternative to Google Maps, with some noteworthy upgrades for your clients to take advantage of.

One important update that offers some immediate benefits is the enhanced filtering options. Businesses can now be more precise in their categorization, helping consumers in their purchasing decisions.

In turn, this makes discoverability far easier as your clients won’t get lumped into a single broad category. Users search for exactly what they want – a bar that is currently open or a restaurant selling pizza – and relevant establishments appear. This is a useful update to consider alongside the ability for more businesses to get reviews.

Right now, Apple is still pulling some data from a business’ Yelp listing, so to effectively optimize an Apple Maps listing you need to make sure the Yelp listing is optimized too.

Thinking Beyond Google and Apple Maps

It is easy to focus exclusively on Google when it comes to any kind of local search. But so many opportunities will be lost without a broader strategy. There are countless GPS devices and in-dash navigation solutions that all require consistent business information to serve local consumers.

As you know, accurate, up-to-date and consistent business data is at the heart of business listings. This means platforms including the likes of Yelp, Bing Places, Waze, TomTom and Garmin must receive relevant business data. However, these apps aren’t standing still in their desire to provide greater accuracy and added verticalization. Staying on top of changes and regularly verifying accuracy is an ongoing part of the process.

A crowdsourced app like Waze has millions of users engaged with the idea of real-time updates and convenience. If a business is listing outdated product information and incorrect opening hours, users will naturally feel aggrieved. Of course, updating countless apps and databases is time-consuming.

If you use Advice Local’s listing management solution for the local businesses and brands you represent, you know we provide fast updates to all of the major GPS databases, mapping platforms and in-dash navigation systems and in real time. And we include this for free within our dashboard for active business listings.

Maintain Accurate Business Data Across Mapping Apps & More

Our listing management service provides the easiest way to add and update business listings from a single dashboard. From business directories and review sites to GPS and mapping solutions, we’ve got you covered. Call us at (214) 310-1356 or Request a demo online to learn more.