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How Businesses Can Capitalize on Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments are collections of curated tweets that tell a story or commemorate an event. The social platform recently made Moments available to all users after rolling it out to select brands and partners over the past year. Now that anyone with a Twitter account can create and share Moments, many influencers, brands, and businesses are already taking advantage of this new opportunity to connect with fans and followers.

The following Twitter video offers a quick introduction to Moments:

Steps to Create a Twitter Moment

Creating Moments is an incredibly easy way to produce creative content, draw attention to important industry news or events, increase engagement on Twitter, and encourage brand advocacy. Businesses can create and share a Moment in four simple steps:

  1. Create a New Moment: Start by clicking on the new Moments tab on Twitter’s top menu bar and then select ‘Create new Moment’ on the right-hand side.
  2. Set a Title, Description & Cover Photo: Give the Moment a catchy title, simple description, and an interesting cover photo. These details will determine what followers see when the Moment appears in their Twitter feed.
  3. Curate Tweets: Search by keyword, account name, or link to find the most relevant tweets to feature in a Moment. Select the best content to add it the collection.
  4. Publish: Once the Moment is ready to share, go ahead and publish it so followers can enjoy the finished product.

Making the Most of Twitter Moments

Whether a business uses Moments to recap its top Tweets of the month, its favorite videos from an industry event, or to share a collection of amusing GIFS, Twitter Moments opens up a brand new avenue to create and share interesting content. Used successfully, Twitter Moments can diversify a business’s social media presence and create a sense of community amongst its followers.

Here are a few tips to use Moments effectively:

  • Keep it Snappy: As with everything on Twitter, brief is best. Keep Moments short and sweet by limiting each to a maximum of ten Tweets.
  • Set an Appealing Cover Photo: The cover photo is the first image displayed when someone encounters a Moment and can influence whether or not they choose to view it. Either upload a photo or select a relevant image from the curated tweets.
  • Strive for Diversity: Moments can include a variety of tweets, photos, GIFs, videos, and vines. This creates interest and provides a wider pool of content to draw from.
  • Include Tweets from Fans: Featuring tweets from a variety of followers and sources not only creates an authentic sense of community, but it also fosters loyalty by allowing customers to be part of the business’s story.
  • Share Moments Elsewhere: Twitter allows users to embed Moments on webpages, so businesses can show off their latest collections on a website or blog.