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The Best of Both Worlds: Using APIs and Manual Submissions to Boost Local Presence

Establishing a consistent, accurate online presence not only allows a business to make a good first impression on potential customers, but it’s also essential for local SEO. One of the best ways to grow a company’s web presence is by building a collection of high-quality citations – whether through manual location submissions, APIs, or (even better) a combination of both.

APIs Can Reduce Listing Error 40% within 30 Days

Adopting APIs makes it easier and more efficient to manage a multitude of business listings across the web. This allows businesses to simultaneously expand their web presence and limit the risk of inaccurate citations. In fact, APIs can reduce listing errors by as much as 40% in just 30 days – a virtually impossible feat for anyone relying exclusively on manual updates.

Additional reasons to consider incorporating APIs into a business’s SEO strategy include:

  • Increased Accuracy: APIs help ensure consistent NAP across the web.
  • Greater Visibility: Automating the distribution process allows businesses to appear in more local directories.
  • Quick & Effective Results: APIs are an efficient way to instantly update business listings across local search platforms.
  • Reduced Cost: Using APIs saves agencies both time and money.

Although certain agencies rely strictly on APIs and others choose to stick with manual submissions, the true sweet spot lies somewhere in between. 

Advice Local’s Approach Combines APIs with Manual Efforts

While local search APIs certainly increase efficiency when it comes to building directory listings, we haven’t forgotten the value of manual submissions. Choosing a local presence management company that only submits listings via APIs can limit a business’s potential to secure listings in the highest quality directories. Our local presence management team uses a combination of technology and manual submissions to offer the best of both worlds: the immediate boost in accuracy and visibility received from APIs and the reliable, high-quality manual submission process we’ve perfected over the years.

A Hybrid Process That Works

Advice Local provides business owners with a baseline report to help them understand the current local visibility of their website. We employ a fine-tuned manual process along with a variety of APIs – including localstack.com, Bing.com, elocal.com, and foursquare.com – to effectively monitor and improve citations and local SEO. Within 30 days of implementing our hybrid approach, companies experience a significant increase in the visibility and accuracy of their location data. This makes it easier for new customers to find, connect, and conduct business with them online.

Advice Local empowers businesses to take control of their online data. Get started today by requesting a demo of our local presence management software.