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Micro-Moments Infographic by Bernadette Coleman

11 Ways to Win Business with Micro-Moments [Infographic]

So, everyone’s talking about micro-moments! With many consumers checking their smartphone over 150x per day you must understand how to capture these moments. Can you believe we spend an average of 177 minutes daily staring at this small screen? That’s almost 3 hours of our lives.

As consumers, we do not consider this to be wasted time. We use this small screen because we get answers to our inquiries. These are the micro-moments.

Micro-moments – when we pick up our phone to learn something, do something, or buy something!

Businesses must capture consumers in these moments, and the 11 tips pulled together in this graphic will help to do just that!

But don’t simply take my word for it—Google has created an entire guide about micro-moments, and BIA/Kelsey has authored a thorough micro-moment research paper, proudly sponsored by Advice Local as we actively seek to help every business WIN in this space.

Plus, countless others are writing on this timely topic as we speak! I’ve been sharing much info on this subject, and have prepared a companion article for the micro-moments infographic to dive deeper into each tip. You can read it here.

Are you winning in the micro-moments for the businesses you represent? Dive into this infographic and start WINNING today.

I invite you to embed the infographic on your blog and share it with your online network. You’ll find the embed code below the graphic. (When posting, please credit Advice Local for the infographic.)

Now it’s time to get out there and make some micro-moment magic!

Micro-Moments Infographic by Bernadette Coleman, #QueenofLocalSEO

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