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How To Create A Business Listing on Amfibi

Welcome to Amfibi, the leader in business directory listings! Creating your own listing is incredibly easy and can lead to an impressive increase in your customer acquisition.

The 1 2 3’s on How To Create A Business Listing on Amfibi

Use this step-by-step guide to quickly and easily create your own business listing.

Step 1: Open http://www.amfibi.company/ in your internet browser and click on “Join Us”

Amfibi Business Listing Step 1

Step 2: Register by filling out your information.

Amfibi Business Listing Step 2

Step 3: Once you click “Register” located below the information fields, you will be successfully registered.

Amfibi Business Listing Step 3

Step 4: Check your email to confirm your registration.

Amfibi Business Listing Step 4

Step 5:

After confirming your registration, login with your username and password.

Amfibi Business Listing Step 5

Step 6: In the top right hand corner, you can see the “Add your company” button. Click it.

Amfibi Business Listing Step 6

Step 7: Fill the form out with your business details and then click the “Add Company” button. Then your company is listed!

Amfibi Business Listing Step 7

It’s just that simple! Now your customer has increased its web visibility, which will open you up to more customers that matter!

If you would like to learn how Advice Local can help you to optimize and grow your digital presence across the Internet, feel free to contact our customer service.

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