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How to Use the Google Business Profile App

How to Use the Google Business Profile App

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a frequent topic here at Advice Local. A fully optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is the key to a brand or business’ success on the web, and the experts at Google have made it even easier to update a listing, post content and interact with customers through the Google Business Profile app. 

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Navigating the Google Business Profile App

There are many features to utilize, so we’re taking the opportunity to showcase the GBP app. Now that businesses have it at their fingertips to respond to messages, reviews and even put up GBP posts, there’s no excuse to not have the ultimate listing!  Let’s get into this Google Business Profile app how-to. 

The Home Screen

After a user downloads the Google Business Profile app, they log in to their listing and reach a home screen just like this. At the top of the screen, they can see the business’ name and address. Underneath, the views, searches and actions are displayed. This is data that directly relates to visitor interaction with the listing! Further down the screen, the user will see the latest Google Business Profile Post, which we’ll delve into later.

Understanding the Google My Business Mobile App - Home Screen

Link YouTube and Create Ads

Scroll down a little further on that same screen, and the listing administrator can even link their multimedia channels. When linked, users can view their new subscriber increase or decrease percentage, the channel’s current number of views, and the total number of minutes watched of the brand’s content. For local businesses, creating new mediums to disperse information is a great strategy for SEO and marketing campaigns.

Next, a user will see Google Ads. What does that mean? Well, it’s yet another in-listing platform to promote offers, advertise products and display other forms of content for a brand or business. Google sure knows how to utilize space!

GMB Mobile App - YouTube

Talk to Customers!

 In the Google Business Profile app, business owners and listing managers have more interactional capability than ever before – in fact, they can reply directly to people who post a review on their GBP listing. Responding to negative reviews is a must for local businesses; it’s crucial to be timely and ensure the problem is rectified in the best way possible. Stay calm, cool and collected – it’s possible to regain a customer’s business and trust if a brand owns their mistake and actively works to resolve it. This page can be found by tapping on the “Customers” tab at the bottom of the screen.

How to Respond to Google My Business Mobile App Reviews

The app also allows for direct messaging from the consumer to the business. The business can respond to a potential customer from their smartphone, which is appreciated on the customer’s end. Ideally, this will make potential customers more inclined to bring their business to a company they feel is conscious of consumers.

Using Google My Business app messaging

Edit a Business’ Profile

A person on the app can look at the bottom of their screen and see “Profile” next to the “Customers” button. When “Profile” is tapped, the user is taken to this screen:

Updating a Business GMB Listing through the mobile app

This is the business’ exact Google Business Profile listing as it appears live on the web! The app offers the ability to edit this fundamental information – in real-time, from anywhere. Who doesn’t love the 21st century?

Next, we’re going to move into an all-inclusive list of recent Google Posts. See the “Posts” button close to the top, next to “Overview.”

Google Posts

 These are Google Posts! Google Posts provide one of the best ways to capture a consumer’s attention and draw them in; a brand can do more with less! Google Posts are shorter than blogs – there is a 1,500-character limit, which means that the writer has to get to the point quickly!

Keep in mind that Google Posts are not intended to be articles, but rather a way to catch a searcher’s eye mid-query. The user has options for the type of content they can share, and posts are typically displayed for a week. If a user chooses to promote an event via Google Posts, the post will remain live until the event date has passed. Google posts are simple – add an image and link, and a post is up! Each post can be written, viewed and edited within the app.


 At the bottom of the screen, the app user will see a tab that says “More.” After they tap, they will see several other settings-related buttons. Now, I wanted to direct special attention to the incredible amount of information a business can discover within the GBP app. Tap the button that says “Insights.”

Navigating the Google My Business Insights via the Mobile App

This is a scroll-through of all of the data a business has in the palm of their hand with Google Business Profile Insights. This information ranges from how people searched for a particular business and found the listing, whether directly or indirectly, to the quantity of photos and the number of views. A user can also see how customers interact with the listing, with data showcasing visits to a linked website, direction requests and more. This is invaluable data!

Phone call data can offer insight about what times and days of the week are the most popular for the business, and users can also learn how frequently visitors requested directions to the location in a given amount of time.

Businesses that are not leveraging this data to their advantage are only hurting themselves! We have a detailed how-to guide to understand GBP insights. Check it out.

The GBP App – Easy to Use and a No-Brainer to Download

 Today, we walked you through how to use the Google Business Profile app. As you can see, it’s user-friendly, free to download and allows businesses to get to know their customers better than ever.

We cover even more Google Business Profile tips and tools in our free “5 Strategies to Win in Search Results With a Google Business Profile Listing” handout. Start reading and get optimized with our tips to master GBP!

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