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How to Use Pinterest for Local Search

We understand that business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve their local exposure. To that end, Advice Local would like to help you by combining the forces of Pinterest and local search.

How to Use Pinterest for Local SEO
Pinterest is a social media site that is very popular today with real customers looking for real solutions and ideas. Maximize your local search rankings by following these tips:

1. Write a Great “About” Description

Select a good variety of keywords to fill out this description, and don’t forget to make the text appealing to potential customers. Make sure that you include your company’s website URL and links to your other social media sites. Set the location as the name of your city.

2. Create a Board With Shots of Your City

Naturally, you will have a Board named after your business services and related subjects. When you add a Board that focuses on your community, you can bring things a little closer to home even as you reach a worldwide market.

Local SEO Conference Pinterest Board

3. Pin With Care

The key to a successful business relationship between Pinterest and local SEO is to pin pictures that are visually attractive to users. In order to influence users to share your “pins,” you need to be sure that they are top-quality, just as you do with the keywords used in SEO tactics.

Local SEO Comic

4. Interact With Pinterest Users

Select other Boards to follow based on areas of interest that are related to your business. It is a good idea to choose some areas of interest that are specifically tied to your business. Post pins of local landmarks and places to visit so that you can attract local customers and make long-range customers feel closer to your company.

Local SEO Pinterest Boards

5. Distribute a Good Infographic

Because Pinterest is a predominantly visual social media platform, infographics are a good thing to share. Curate infographics in your industry as well as produce your own. Create your infographic based off  important facts and figures that relate to your industry, and then use Pinterest to share it.

6. Optimize Image File Names and Alt Text

Use keywords and keyword variants in your image file names and alt text. All of this information is crawlable and should not be ignored when choosing the images for your pins.

7. Make Sure Your Boards are Searchable

In your account settings under “Search Privacy,” make sure it is selected to “No.” Otherwise, search engines will be unable to crawl and index your boards.

Search Privacy in Pinterest

8. Take Advantage of Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest now has its own Analytics data for business accounts, so be sure you look through that to discover your most popular pins, most clicked boards, and other metrics.

Pinterest Analytics

Still Need Help With Pinterest?

There can be a natural connection between Pinterest and local SEO. Advice Local would like to help you with this connection. Contact us online or call us at (855) 714-7634.

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