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Local Verticals for Financial Institutions

Introducing Local Verticals for Financial Institutions

The world of financial services is quite competitive in today’s market. Everyone wants to capture those ideal clients who are searching online for their financial services needs. That’s precisely why financial institutions need to be sure they are listed in multiple places, and not just on Google. In fact, many prospective clients are turning to sites that list complaints, reviews, and other industry-specific information. We call these niche citations, and they are becoming necessary for all businesses, but especially those in the financial services industry. Not only do these sites save the customer time by locating their desired financial institution quickly, they also tie the provider to its applicable category, which helps search engines make connections among relevant businesses.

This is exactly why we at Advice Local have launched Local Verticals, a valuable resource that helps businesses determine which niche citations are appropriate for their business, as well as the assistance to get their business listed properly.

To increase their chances of being found online, financial institutions must have accurate listings on the directories that matter most for their industry. From CPAs to Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors, here are a few of the recommended niche citation sites for these businesses:

  • CPA Directory
  • Account Match
  • The Right Financial Advisor
  • Insurance US Co List

You can be one of the first to try out our Local Verticals for Financial Institutions. Simply sign up here today to test drive our industry-leading tool.

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