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5 Reasons You Need to List Local Business Hours Online

5 Reasons You Need to List Local Business Hours Online

You already know that businesses need to maintain accurate NAP data (name, address, and phone number) online, but have you thought about how additional business details can improve visibility and attract consumers?

For instance, have you considered why local businesses need to advertise their hours of operation online? That includes listing hours on the business’ website as well as in other local citations and business listings.

The most obvious answer is, “So customers know when the business is open.”

While this statement is certainly true, it only scratches the surface of the true benefits. So, let’s take a closer look at the reasons businesses need to make their hours readily available online.

Why Local Businesses Need to List Their Hours Online

1. Show Up in More Search Results

Search engines are more likely to trust businesses they can understand. This means Google gives preference to a business that provides detailed, accurate information about its stores online.

By including hours of operation on its site, a business is providing helpful data to Google that will make it more likely to appear in local search results. Of course, more visibility in search results translates into more traffic in-store and on the web.

2. Instill Confidence in Customers

Would you drive across town to visit a store if you weren’t sure it was open? Probably not – and, chances are, neither would local consumers.

If a business displays its open and close times for each day on its website, customers can be perfectly confident in knowing when the business is open. Shoppers are more likely to visit the store if they’re positive it’s open.

3. Create a Sense of Immediacy

Another perk of displaying business hours online is encouraging customers to visit the store sooner than later. Think about it: if someone sees that the store is closing in a few hours, they’re less likely to wait for another day to visit and more likely to do their shopping ASAP.

Without information on the hours of operation, Google can’t tell customers that the business is “Open Now” or include it in specific searches for local stores that are currently open. The risk here is that on-the-go mobile shoppers might skip the store if it’s not listed as “Open Now” on Google.

4. Specify Holiday Hours

Local businesses need to update their website and Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) to reflect any seasonal changes to their schedule. After all, what’s the point of having holiday hours at all if no one knows you’re open?

Customers appreciate businesses that provide the information they need and trust brands that maintain accurate hours of operation online, even during holidays. Plus, listing holiday hours increases the odds of appearing in filtered search results for businesses that are currently open.

5. Differentiate Multi-Location Business Locations

Including detailed information online is especially vital for businesses that have multiple locations. If store locations have different sets of hours, it’s crucial that customers can easily find out which store is open right when they want to go shopping.

Not only does this make it easy for consumers to choose which location to visit, but it also prevents wasting their time by visiting a closed location when another is open the next town over.

Is It Time to Update Your Business Listings?

Maintaining up-to-date, detailed business listings with hours of operation is just one of the ways businesses can optimize their local presence. For more advice on how to optimize a business’ citations, listings, and online visibility, get in touch with the Advice Local team today!

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