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Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

We ended 2021 by sharing the most popular local search blogs published on Advice Local during the year. We like to jumpstart the new year with tips to help you, our agency partners, local marketers and friends achieve their business goals for the coming year. Join us in starting 2022 with 10 resolutions for digital marketers.

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10 New Year’s Resolutions to Get Behind for a Prosperous 2022

Let’s examine these well-known sayings and how they can help you successfully grow a digital marketing agency. Whether it’s your business or a business you work for, consider how these points can help you reach ultimate success in 2022.

1. Time Is Money

This can apply to many areas of your business. As a leader in the company, each moment spent doing something that someone else could do is costing you. Ask yourself how you can maximize results with the limited time available each day. You may be reluctant to give up certain tasks, but you’ll be thankful when you can dedicate time to the things that help the agency grow.

2. You Get What You Pay For

Depending on the size of the business, keeping costs low can mean doing things manually instead of using a tool or paying less to team members, paying less for services, etc. When making decisions on how to spend money it’s important to consider time, quality and training. Short-term savings can turn out to be a false economy if the business ends up suffering.

3. Quality Over Quantity

In business, it’s better to do a few things really well rather than to do many things just halfway – this will bring you more success in the long run. Many entrepreneurs dream big and are full of ideas, but trying to do too much can end up confusing clients, particularly when results are lackluster. Remember, quality work will always win over the long term.

4. A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

Examine ways to save money within your business to get the most value out of any funds that are spent. For example, periodically audit the services you pay for, the tools you have signed up for and so on – it’s an excellent way to save money. And of course, the start of the year is a great time for a fresh start.

5. People Before Profit

While business owners always need to focus on the bottom line, don’t let this need come at the expense of people. First and foremost, clients are people – the time dedicated to building relationships can pay you back many times over. Being courteous, respectful and understanding can make the difference between a long-term relationship and an abrupt ending.

6. Manage Your Time or It Will Manage You

It’s a well-known observation that work expands to fit the time available for its completion. Sadly, business owners and their teams will understand this concept all too well. Managing time isn’t easy, but planning ahead, prioritizing the most important tasks – and including breaks to recharge yourself – will help you manage your time more effectively.

7. Make Your Passion Your Profession

When your profession is something you are passionate about, drive and creativity will naturally follow. Unfortunately, when your work fails to inspire you the opposite is true. The world of digital marketing is fast-moving and encompasses technology, communication and strategy. This means there is plenty to get excited about as you work to deliver for your clients.

8. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This saying is simple yet eternally true. Amidst the noise of agencies and marketers competing for business, the ability to follow through on your promises should never be underestimated. While hype may get a lot of attention, your actions will ultimately determine your long-term success.

9. Think Before You Speak

Whether you’re speaking with team members or clients, taking a moment to think about what you are trying to communicate is vital. In business, saying the wrong thing could lose valuable time through miscommunication or even lose a sale. Simple and clear communication ensures everyone is on the same page.

10. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

In business, we often think that results are the only things that matter. In reality, expectations determine how we feel about results. When an agency over-delivers for clients, this resonates far more than if you had made grand promises that are just not possible. Set clear expectations, and when it’s appropriate deliver just a little bit more. Going the extra mile (and letting them know you did) will bring the customer back to you time and time again.

Does the Need for These Resolutions Ring True for Your Business?

At Advice Local, we challenge you and each member of your team to consider these ideas and implement those that make sense for your business this year.

If you are not already an Advice Local partner, request a demo to see how we can help you better serve your local business clients, bring new business in the door – and grow your agency in 2022 and beyond. Call (214) 310-1356 to get started today.