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Voice Search Is as Relevant as Ever in 2022

Voice Search Is as Relevant as Ever in 2022 – Are You Making It Count?

Last time we gave you our top 10 New Year’s resolutions that local marketers should apply for a prosperous 2022. Now, with the year in full swing, it’s time to check back in with voice search and see how much it still matters.

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The Importance of Voice Search Optimization in 2022

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about voice search. You might conclude that it isn’t too important anymore, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, as local marketers, we’ve grown more comfortable with voice search, so it’s not the hot news topic it once was.

To illustrate how voice search is not only still relevant but is actually growing exponentially, Algolia compiled a host of statistics on the topic.

The first stat of note is that voice-driven shopping is expected to hit $40 billion by 2022, compared to $2 billion in 2017. This substantial increase forecast by a market research report from OC&C Strategy Consultants shows how much more comfortable users are with the technology. Consumers aren’t just using voice search for directions or to ask simple questions, but also to discover and buy products.

Second, a survey into voice assistant consumer adoption conducted by Voicebot.ai found that half of American drivers have used voice search while on a journey. Not only are these drivers getting familiar with voice search in general, they are also using it as they travel. For your clients – restaurants, stores and more – this could be an opportunity to reach a customer nearby.

And finally, according to Narvar, around half of online consumers use voice search to research products, while more than half use the technology to shop for groceries and other products. This shows that voice search is firmly embedded in the online shopping experience, from discovering brands and products to making regular purchases. And what’s more, the trajectory for voice search is only going up.

Voice Search Is Changing User Behavior

Voice search has already changed the nature of search, and this will only increase over the coming years as adoption rates continue to rise. Just as mobile browsing saw a fast ascent and could no longer be ignored, voice search is here to stay—and your clients need to be prepared. In response, here at Advice Local we created the Voice Search Readiness Test to help you out. It’s simple… take the test and see how well a business is getting found on voice assistants.

Create a Personalized Voice App

Whether on desktop, mobile, or voice search, accurate business data is vital. Of course, getting found is a primary concern, but businesses and brands also want to control the information they deliver to consumers. And this is exactly where the Advice Local Voice App comes in.

We have developed a tool that makes creating a voice app quick and straightforward. Through our user-friendly dashboard, you can create a welcome message, add questions and answers—and develop a personalized experience for each of your clients. In no time, your clients will have a dedicated app that increases visibility on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Home.

Grab a Free Judy’s Book Listing

As you may know, we own Judy’s Book, the directory. This directory is a trusted directory for businesses, and it’s also used as a data source to populate a wide range of other directories and review sites. Plus, Judy’s Book has voice search integration for each listing, ensuring data like business information, reviews and FAQs can be found in voice searches.

As a perk of listing distribution with Advice Local, you get a free premium Judy’s Book listing for your clients. This includes 1,000 ad impressions per month on the free business listings on the directory (those that do not have a premium listing).

We Can Help With Voice Search Readiness

With voice search only growing in popularity, businesses need access to the technology that will ensure they get found across desktop, mobile and voice search. Our dashboard delivers the tools that make that a reality. To find out more, request a demo today.