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It’s Time to Plan Seasonal Local Marketing Campaigns

It’s Time to Plan Seasonal Local Marketing Campaigns

The holiday season is right around the corner. If you haven’t already started planning seasonal local marketing campaigns for your clients you need to get busy. You can guarantee their competitors have already gotten to work.

And in response to this fact, today we’re going to give you some steps to get you started and help you outline a plan. Along the way, we share some tips and tools we use for our campaigns.

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First Thing – Call/Email Your Clients

You need to know all the important information about their holiday campaigns.

  1. Are they changing their business hours for the holidays; which days will they be open and closed, etc.
  2. Find out what, if any seasonal offers and discounts they are going to have and when.
  3. If the client doesn’t have a campaign planned, this is the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your value to them by helping them create a plan.

Take Action

Once you gather the specifics about a client’s holiday campaign, you’ll need to create or gather quite a few resources.

  1. You need to make sure your client’s business listings are updated with the information about their holiday hours, etc.
  2. If you do the client’s social media, you’ll need to order graphics for use online within posts. Perhaps you need seasonal social media cover images created, or banners for the home page.
  3. If you manage their website content or Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), you need to get content created for use online in the form of posts and/or videos.

Create the Timeline & Schedule the Activities

There are several holidays coming up so most likely, you can’t just put up a single image, post or offer and consider it completed. You’ll need to leverage some tools to make it easier.

  1. Update your client’s business information in your Advice Local dashboard. With a few clicks you can update their listing information and trust us to distribute it to the top directories and data sources.
  2. If you’re creating content for WordPress websites such as a blog post, schedule those in advance through the scheduler. Use tools such as Hootsuite and Facebook’s native scheduler for social media posts.
  3. Since you cannot schedule posts, offers & images in advance through the Google Business Profile dashboard, you’ll need a tool to complete this for you. Our Enhanced Google Business Profile tool enables you to schedule for a single location or multi-location brand with a few clicks. It’s super-easy to use, affordable – and so very powerful.

Consider Using a Voice App

When your clients have a special campaign going, what better time to introduce yet another way to help them get found online? You can update the custom Welcome Message within the voice app to include seasonal messaging. Once the voice app is live, edits are in real time, so you can change the message as the holidays change.

Creating a conversational voice app is simple to do with our technology. We pull the business’ information from the Edit Client section and populate the answers to the common questions automatically.

Creating a local marketing campaign for your clients is an absolute must. For instance, perhaps you manage only a few components of their online marketing. This could be your opportunity to introduce them to your other services, or provide support to your partners. Either way, now is the time to act, because you know their competitors already have – or are about to.

We’re Here to Help

At Advice Local we are all about making local marketing easy for our partners. Request a demo today or drop an email to your account manager if you are already a partner.

We’re happy to demonstrate how our listing management services, Google Business Profile tool, or conversational voice app can help you to better help your clients get found online in desktop, mobile and voice search queries!