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Rank Locally on Google with Search Engine Optimization

Google Places OptimizationFull-service Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for Page 1 ranking in Google should involve four main areas of focus and optimization. A client should have a fully fleshed out Google Places listing, citations, off-site search engine optimization (SEO), and on-site SEO. The diagram to the right explains in simple form what Advice Interactive Group will do to ensure Page 1 rank in Google.

Google Places Page

Your Google Places listing should contain accurate Name Address Phone (NAP). If you have more than one office location, a main location should be determined and registered with Google Places. Fill out all of the listing and do not leave anything undisclosed. Choose your categories, add photos, videos, and make sure there are no duplicate listings.


The volume of citations you have across the Internet are important to how Google’s search engine algorithm views your authority in your industry. The more of an authority on a subject Google thinks you are, the higher your site and content will appear in the search engine results page (SERP). Citations of videos, photos, national directories, local business directories, press releases and other things will strengthen your authority because a number of mentions on different platforms and media signal that you are such.

Off-Site SEO, Backlinks, Social Media

Backlinks (people linking to your site content) are important to search engines, because if people are linking to your information then logic says you are an authority. Saturating the web with articles, press releases, blog posts and comments, as well as other social media efforts will also increase presence through new and fresh content.

On-Site SEO

There are a number of ways for your company website to be optimized that involves behind the scenes work regarding content. Among them are anchor text links on keyword links from inside content pages. Even images should have keyword anchor text. A professional search engine optimization company will be able to do proper keyword research for your industry and your targeted locations so that your site will rank in Google.

Contact Advice Interactive Group at 877-692-7250 for more information on how to rank on Page 1 in Google and other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing by checking out the Local Search Tool on the home page. The local SEO firm has a solution for you and your company. Not just advice, but solutions.