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Calculating the ROI on Industry Awards for Your Business

ROI on Submitting to Industry AwardsAre you one of those brands or agencies that will think, “I will submit for this award or that award” and then immediately move on to something else because you don’t see an ROI in taking the time to prepare your submission. Submitting pays off – check out some of our awards.

Here at Advice Interactive Group, we, like all of you, want to make sure that we are always using our time and resources effectively and achieve a decent ROI for our effort. It is with all of this in mind that we look at whether or not to participate in submissions for industry awards like the GOLOCAL Awards presented by BIA Kelsey and Marketer of the Year by the DFW American Marketing Association.

Putting together a submission for awards does take time, effort and thought so why should you do it? The simple answer is because the potential ROI is well worth it.

ROI on Submitting for Industry Awards

  1. Having your company’s name connected to an award gives your company the type of exposure that would normally take months or even years to grow to organically. That alone is enough to make the time and effort to submit worthwhile.
  1. We all want happy customers and when you participate in the awards you will showcase one of your national clients that have successful local marketing campaigns. (This means that your client will also have the benefit of having their company/brand associated with the award and the exposure that goes along with that.)
  1. The work that you put into the preparation and research required for the submission you will be left with ready to present case studies to upload onto your website as well as for use as presentations for any potential clients. (Case studies and client presentations are things that we need to have on hand anyway, so why not have them work doubly hard for you by submitting to the GOLOCAL Awards for additional exposure!)
  1. There are also of course the benefits of being a highly visible part of the conference that is giving away the award, including the potential of actual on-stage time in front of a national audience, networking with top media executives you might not otherwise get face to face time with and dedicated post-conference briefings with industry analysts.
  1. Your submission can also give you visibility of your local strategies in front of industry press and social media through the award programs promotion.

Honestly if you look at the time and effort you will have to put into to creating your submissions in comparison to the incredible benefits you will get in return, it really is a simple decision.

This year the BIA Kelsey National 2015 Conference will highlight National Brands that are having local marketing success through the GOLOCAL Awards.

 Go ahead and take the time now to submit through the GOLOCAL awards. To Submit:

 And while you are at it, submit to the DFW American Marketing Association’s Marketer of the Year. To Submit:

If you’re curious, Advice did submit for the GOLOCAL Awards. We have submitted in the past for the Marketer of the Year and we are refraining from submitting this year, because Bernadette Coleman, our CEO is one of the judges.

Share below your secret strategies for preparing award submissions and how you repurpose them throughout the year for your business.