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The “New” Secret Weapon

Once again Google has changed the rules of the game, yet business owners and SEO specialists have a unique and secret weapon to deal with Google’s new algorithm and new emphasis on market leadership: Blogging.

With this “new” secret weapon it really does not matter if a business owner is blogging about the products or services that he offers or if he is randomly talking about contemporary events, by blogging the business owner or the SEO specialist will be able to promote the social signals that will be essential in adequately ranking a business. Whether it is a daily blog post or just a few articles each month, it will be far more than the rest of the competition.

But there is a way to do this, the first thing is to find discussions or forums that are related to the niche that the business is focused on. Register to comment on the adequate thread and when doing this it is important to make sure that both the name of the business owner or contact person and the website for the business. It is also important to refer the comment on the thread in the business blog, a simple statement will suffice and always link to that particular discussion; check my participation here

The final step is to syndicate the blog post on facebook, twitter and Google+; this can be done with the use of any of the WordPress plugins if the blog happens to be hosted here or with the use of tools such as hootsuite.

Indeed, blogging is a secret weapon because nobody else is doing it.

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