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The Top Hits of 2018 to Help You Conquer Local Search in 2019 and Beyond

The Top Hits of 2018 to Help You Conquer Local Search in 2019 and Beyond

As hard to believe as it is, it’s almost 2019! While the new year is bound to have plenty in store for the local search world with new innovations and trends, it’s important to remember all of the ground covered by Advice Local in 2018.

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Local Search is Forever Changed – Use These Top 18 Articles to Prepare for 2019

These 18 articles topped the charts in the hearts and minds of our readers this year – perhaps they’ll do the same for you. Maybe they are a reread for you; if this is the case, share them all over again for others who weren’t as lucky!

1. Epic Local SEO Strategies to Pave the Way Into 2019

Advice Local’s comprehensive “Epic Guide to Local SEO” covers all of the bases to detail the strategies that come together to create a complete brand online. In 2019, many of these points will still ring true! However, 2019 will still be a year of change, so do your prep work now to get ready. Read the full article and download the infographic here.

2. The Latest in Local Listing Management – Citation Services Compared

One of the most important things to consider when launching a local campaign is who handles a brand’s citations. This article does a comparative analysis of the major companies available to do so. You’ll also take a dive into the ways that Advice Local stands out in the creation and claiming of listings, GPS and POI submissions of data, and Vertical and Geo-Specific listing submissions. Read the full analysis here! 

3. Making Local Search Trends Simple in 2018 Infographic

In August of this year, Advice Local released the Making Local Search Trends Simple in 2018 Infographic, which broke down everything that a brand and local business needs to understand when it comes to local search. From NAP, to reviews, to incorporating a substantial social media presence into the plan, all of the points covered will help you navigate the crazy world of local SEO!

4. The DIY SEO Audit: Optimizing a Local Business Presence for Search Engines

A four-part DIY SEO audit could mean the difference between being seen and being invisible online. The article discusses using the facets of technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and competitive analysis to solve whatever problem is in the way and get a brand ranking high – an easy, unbelievably beneficial tool! You’ll also want to review the other posts in this series, as they made the top cut, too.

5. Getting the Gist of Plus Codes on Google Maps

Even now, many people out there would respond with a confused look if asked what a Google Plus Code is! However, Plus Codes can be a saving grace for local business owners who work out of their home but still want to have an online presence! It’s a series of digits and numbers that serve as both an address and security measure. Still confused? Read all about them and you won’t be anymore!

6. What Happens When Online Impacts Life Offline: The Big Takeaways From the 2018 Internet Trends Report

The Internet Trends Report is released annually, and it is a must-read for every digital marketer. In 2018, the biggest takeaway after dissecting it is that people’s online lives are converging with their offline ones in today’s day and age. Is that scary or fascinating? Time to read and find out! This year’s report was a good one.

7. Google’s Got the Goods

Ahh, the New Year’s Google post! Let’s face it: Google will always be king, and their tools are only increasingly helping local business owners with each passing year. With new GBP updates, algorithm tweaks, and Google Analytics, everyone needs Google on their side. Here’s how to get started.

8. Mobile-Friendly or Mobile-First? It’s App vs. Website

Saying that we live in a mobile world isn’t groundbreaking stuff! But, there is a new question presented for businesses to decide: to have a mobile website or a mobile app. Having a mobile-friendly website is the crucial jumping off point, but an app has numerous additional benefits, too. Read all of the pros and cons on each option now!

9. What is Local Presence Management? Helping Brands Conquer the Internet

There’s nothing like a little refresher course on all that is necessary for a brand to shine online! Starting from what it is to why it’s important, this article discusses why implementing a local presence management solution is key to staying on top for everyone!

10. What is Google’s Mobile-First Index and How Can a Business Prepare for It?

As mentioned in the article, Google’s mobile-first index essentially creates an environment where, if a website is not optimized for the mobile audience, it could get lost in the shuffle and not be highly prioritized. This is not a good thing, and it needs to be rectified fast! This post not only includes the why, but it also highlights the tools needed to reverse this problem quickly.

11. Seven Trust Factors for Improving Search Results Placement

To be at the top of a search, a brand’s website will have to prove itself trustworthy in the eyes of Google, Bing and other major search engines. Improve a site’s authority, security and the other factors mentioned in the article, and a website is golden in the eyes of the internet!

12. The Local Presence Management Strategy All Businesses and Brands Need

Well, the title really says it all when it comes local presence management. To stay relevant and accessible, brands and businesses need to have a well-planned, thorough online presence. Read about all of the moving parts, and if you find any gaps, remember Advice Local is always here to help!

13. Why Agencies Need Local Listing Management Partners

Local listing management partners are what makes an agency as well-rounded and successful as can be. More than anyone, Advice Local knows what it takes to make a client’s campaign a success. Adding partners to the pipeline is the secret to growing and scaling. Here’s why agencies need listing management partners and the characteristics to look for when picking one.

14. The 2018 Guide to Best Image Sizes for Google Business Profile

This topic is a popular one because of how important images are to local business listings! The last thing a business or brand needs is bad photos damaging their reputation. Read the article now and get all of the guidelines and size specifications for the best looking Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing on the web!

15. Mastering Content Curation: Content Curation Methods

Content is key, and the best content impacts every nook and cranny of a business’ online presence! Whether it’s blogging, social media or even landing pages, reading up on how to curate the best content is the key to long-term success online. Make sure to take in the rest of the series after reviewing this post. It’s a great source to learn how to properly build influence online.

16. The 2018 Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Directories

Every year, Advice Local revisits what directories are the best for local business listings! This helpful article and infographic details some of the traits to look for when choosing the best directories, as well as those that made the cut for 2018.

17. The Google 1-2-3’s for You: Meet the Super-Empowered Consumer

The Super-Empowered Consumer wants it fast, accurate and yesterday. It exists to some degree in all of us. Take in this article to explore this kind of consumer, Google’s thoughts on them, and some powerful stats that are not only eye-opening, but could be detrimental to a brand’s campaign without factoring them in.

18. The Voice Search Readiness Prep List: Helping Local Businesses Get Found

Lastly, to wrap up the 2018 Advice Local roundup and perfectly usher in the latest publication, “Voice Search for Local Businesses, Franchises and Brands: The Guide to Getting Found,” it’s time for the voice search readiness prep list. Voice search is the new norm, and in years to come, it could be one of the only ways people search. Start checking boxes off your list by reading this article!

There’s Always Help Available – Here Are the Last Few Tools You Need in Your Arsenal

Along with “Voice Search for Local Businesses, Franchises and Brands: The Guide to Getting Found, Advice Local’s “Epic Guide to Local SEO” and other print resources are free and downloadable!

It’s highly encouraged that all partners, brands and local business owners garner as much information as they can to be ready for 2019!

We have the tools, the team and the talent. Request a demo today to learn how Advice Local can help you and your local business clients prosper in 2019 and beyond.