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‘Twas Before Cyber Monday: A Holiday Poem

All this week at the office, we’re celebrating our upcoming holiday party with festivities! We’ve decorated our offices, eaten too many holiday cookies and treats to count, and even had an ugly sweater contest. Here are a few of the pictures from this week:

Advice Holiday Fun
1 – Shelley in her creative holiday sweater (it’s made for selfies)
2 – One of the delicious cookies decorated during our cookie event
3 – One of our office doors wrapped in Justin Bieber holiday paper
4 – Carli and Justin modeling their fantastically ugly holiday sweaters

See more of our holiday photos on Google+

And to get us all ready for the upcoming holiday, here’s a special poem for digital marketers:

‘Twas Before Cyber Monday

‘Twas Before Cyber Monday, and all through the land
The white hats were prepping, by mouse and by hand.
The keywords were stuffed into h1s with care,
In the hope that customers soon would be there.

And I with my Red Bull had just settled down,
To scatter some breadcrumbs and link bait around.
When what to my wandering eyes should appear,
From the WayBack Machine, stepping into the clear,
An Internet ghost from out of the mist,
With a dial-up modem and an AOL disk.
She had wonderment written all over her face,
When she asked me, quite shyly, “What is this place?”
“Advice Interactive,” I told her posthaste.

“We’re SEO experts,” I went on to say.
“We help shoppers with searches, for Cyber Mon-day.
“We understand Google and page rankings, too.
“Our clients need this, to increase revenue.
“We do battle with Webspam, and things can get hectic,
“Tho’ we find it worthwhile when we look at our metrics.”

“Ess-Ee-Oh?” she asked, puzzled. “Metrics and Webspam?
“I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.”
“You’re confused,” I said, smiling. “I’m not Doctor Seuss.
“Just a humble Web servant, pursuing link juice.”

“Another term to confuse me,” in frustration she said.
“I’ve clearly fallen behind, since I’ve been dead.
“In my day Web shopping was merely a dream,
“That could never happen on a DOS machine.
“I’m out of my depth and out of my time,
“Altho I’ve had fun here, making this rhyme.”

And then she shrunk down, to monitor size,
And just like that, began to vaporize!
She let out a whistle, a laugh and a hiss,
And the WayBack Machine appeared out of the mist.

I assume she boarded, though I really can’t say,
Struck dumb as I was by events of the day.
But I heard her exclaim, as she passed out of sight,
“I’ll say hi to Steve Jobs, and tell him you guys are all right!”

Happy holidays from all of us at Advice Interactive Group!