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What is Local Presence Management?

What is Local Presence Management? Helping Brands Conquer the Internet in 2018

Local Presence Management is defined as geo-targeted digital presence management that enhances a brand on the whole by optimizing all their locations’ information in their respective local markets.

What is Local Presence Management?

Local presence management solutions manage the digital fingerprint unique to each business location, improving local search ranking and giving the target audience the correct information to interact with the brand.

This also includes monitoring a business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) and business hours in various places online such as directory listings, data aggregators, online review sites and map listings.

What is Local Presence Management

Local visibility, search placement and reputation (reviews) are a few of the factors that determine traffic; this is especially true for multi-location, brick-and-mortar businesses.

To fully understand the capabilities of local presence management, you must examine all its components. Below is how we define digital presence management.

What is Digital Presence Management?

Digital Presence Management is defined as any of the processes and/or marketing involved in presenting a brand in the online space. This includes any avenue in which a brand becomes visible online so that traffic can be drawn to it. It encompasses, but is not limited to, website design and development, maintenance of social media sites and blogs, the use of search engine optimization – especially local search – pay-per-click marketing, and reputation management.

What is Digital Presence Management

To enhance, positively affect and continue to cultivate a brand’s presence in search engines, digital presence management and local presence management must operate seamlessly.

Local Presence Management is Not a New Concept

Local presence management existed before the internet. It’s hard to believe, right? (Yellow Pages, anyone?) In the good ol’ days, a business would send out mailers or advertise on a billboard or in a newspaper to get customers into their doors.

With the invention of the internet, local businesses and brands market their wares online, in addition to the more traditional offline methods. While almost anything can be found online, it doesn’t mean what’s out there is accurate or even that every business can be found online. This is why local presence management and consistent citations are so important.

The Local Presence Management Solution You Need

We set ourselves apart at Advice Local because our local presence management solution involves managing the information about a business’ brick-and-mortar and service area locations over all channels of interactive media. Each of our products and services are uniquely designed to achieve this goal. Even the sources we submit business data to are selected carefully. View our Data Amplifier Network.

Are you looking for a local presence management solution that meets all your business needs? If your answer is YES, Advice Local is for you. Request a demo today!

Local Presence Management White Label Solution

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