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Yahoo! Local Listings Management Change-Up

Yahoo! Local Listings Management Change-Up

As you may or may not have heard, Yahoo! is outsourcing their Yahoo! Local Listings management to Yext. As with many mega corporations, or search engines as in this case, it can be more efficient for both the corporation as well as the end user, to outsource a line of business to another entity that is more specialized in that line.

What This Means For Your Yahoo! Local Business Listing

  • Your local listing will still be powered by Yahoo! as this is simply a partnership with Yext who will manage the listing
  • Free Yahoo! Local listings will still be available; however, you will verify and update your listing through Yext
  • You will receive an email notification about the Yahoo! Local dashboard once Yext makes it available

For our clients, we will continue to manage your Yahoo! Local listings as we have in the past with the same care and concern for your local citation data.

What Yahoo! Says About This Change

The news went out via email from Yahoo! saying in part:

“You do not need to do anything at this time. Yext will be making a new dashboard available for you in November and they will notify you by email when your dashboard is available. In order to seamlessly complete the transition of your Local Basic Listing, once your dashboard is ready, you will need to verify your business information and create a new account and password with Yext. If you do not set up your new Yext account within 30 days of notification from Yext, your listing may be changed to an unclaimed status. You can always return at a later date to claim your listing again. If you have an existing edit to your Local Basic Listing that has not yet been approved by Yahoo, it will be reviewed by Yext and submitted to Yahoo if approved.”

To read more about this change and FAQs you can visit Yahoo’s Help page.

My Take On This Yahoo! Local Change

Yahoo! wants to provide a better user experience for their customers and this dashboard should make it easier for customers to verify and manage their Yahoo! Local listing. And if you need help, remember Local Site Submit and Advice Interactive Group can manage your local business listings for you.

What are your thoughts on this change? Have you verified your Yahoo! Local listing?