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Business listings optimization tips.

10 Tips to Optimize Business Listings for SERP Domination

Building a substantial presence in the search engines is a primary concern for most local businesses. At Advice Local, we have consistently helped local agencies deliver top search rankings for clients using our high-quality listing management services. And one thing this experience has taught us – a proven listing optimization approach is crucial for building local presence. So how can an agency optimize business listings for increased local SERP presence?

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Top 10 Local Business Listings Optimization Tips

The sheer number of search ranking factors and their continuous evolution makes any optimization strategy complex. But the following 10 business listings tips offer a good foundation for long-term success in Google, Bing and other platforms.

1. Consistent NAP Details

A business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) should be identical across all directories. This consistency helps search engines validate your business’ identity, which can improve your rankings.

2. Create Comprehensive Listings

Make sure to fill out all the available fields in each directory. This info includes business hours, services offered, photos and more. The more information you provide, the easier it is for the search engines to list a business for targeted searches.

3. Business Categories

Choose the most relevant categories for the business in each directory. Accurate categorization helps the platform (and its users) understand precisely what a business does. As we recently discussed, accuracy is an important metric when it comes to owning local presence for a business.

4. Detailed Business Descriptions

Listings platforms typically provide the opportunity to create a business description. Make full use of the available space, adding relevant keywords associated with the business’ industry and location.

5. Develop a Review Policy

A review policy is absolutely required to gain and maintain search engine prominence. Start by encouraging customers to leave reviews on popular business listings platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp. You will also need to respond to clients’ reviews (positive and negative) to show responsiveness and build trust for the business.

6. Use High-Quality Multimedia

Listings with photos generally attract more interest than those without. Include high-quality images of the business’ premises, products or services to attract interest and improve the click-through rate from the SERPS. In addition, using videos can increase dwell time and engagement with the listing.

7. Add a Q&A

Answering user questions is an excellent way to enhance a profile and offer real value to visitors. By producing an evergreen Q&A section, users can get quick answers and increase their engagement with the profile.

8. Leverage Special Features

Some platforms offer special features, such as GBP Posts or Bing Announcements. Take advantage of these features to attract more attention to a listing.

9. Use Attributes

Attributes are short descriptions added to business listings that convey helpful information. For example, some GBP attributes include family-friendly, outdoor dining, free WiFi, wheelchair accessible and so on. When you add relevant attributes to a client’s profile, you can increase click-through rates and lead targeted consumers to that profile.

10. Make Regular Updates

Keep your listings information up-to-date. For example, when the business hours change, immediately update this information on all directories. At Advice Local, we offer real-time submissions and updates to a broad range of platforms included in our Data Amplifier Network.

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