What to Know Before Your Website Design Consultation

Be Specific and Exact During the design interview with a client, a designer will typically ask the client if he or she has any specific design elements to be included in the design. During many website design discussions, clients will come to the table with no idea what they want and make it seem as though the designer has creative freedom. But, as a designer, I’ve learned it is best […Read More]

The Anatomy of a Horrible Web Design Client

Have you ever had a client lead with, “I’m not a graphic designer but…”? I feel web designers across the globe shaking their heads in a knowing nod, smiling briefly, and now shedding a small tear because inevitably, the client got what they wanted despite the brilliance and purpose you poured into their initial design. It’s OK bro, I feel ya. Just the other day, I heard the phrase, “It […Read More]

Why Businesses Should Own Their Logo Artwork: Raster Art vs. Vector Art

I help to set up online properties for a lot of local clients in the service industry, as well as national clients that carry a high level of brand recognition. In working with these two different types of clients, I often have to work through some graphic design obstacles when it comes to visual branding. I find the main difference between local and national clients is the access to and/or […Read More]

A Must-Read Before Purchasing A Website

I’ve spent the majority of my working career helping small to mid-size businesses with their online presence. I’m a programmer by trade, and I’m comfortable with code, but my clients almost universally are not. They just want it to “work.” I feel the same way about my car. I don’t know how it works, and I don’t really care either. I just need it to get me from point A […Read More]

HTML5: What should I be using right now?

With all of the hype around HTML5, you may be wondering what (if anything) you and your team can start implementing into your workflow. With new tags available and a plethora of features aimed at browser application development, the HTML5 feature set looks rich and inviting. Disclaimer: Before I go further, I want to point out that my department at Advice specializes in web marketing. Many of our clients are […Read More]

Including Javascript and CSS Files In A WP Theme

Whether you are tackling your first WordPress theme or adding javascript/css to an existing theme this post provides a brief overview of how to properly link javascript and css. This post assumes a basic understanding of php, html and WordPress and that you are comfortable editing theme files. With that being said let’s get started! For this post I will be using an example with three files typically needed to […Read More]

Research Proves Itself To Be A Grammatical Bully

Many content writers find themselves padding content with adjectives. This isn’t always to bulk it up (despite the seemingly infinite space a content box provides), but rather to liven up copy which may otherwise seem…unspicy. With the magical touch of a professional writer, “garden hose” becomes “chartreuse, snaking, garden hose which breezily sprays crystalline water droplets”. And while, as a writer, you may sit back in your chair and smile […Read More]

Advice Interactive Joins TryMunity in Encouraging Survivors to Keep Fighting

Dallas-based Internet marketing firm, Advice Interactive Group, launched the TryMunity social network for survivor support and is partnering with the online social community to help it become a supportive resource to individuals, families, and groups of people who are fighting life’s unexpected. A traumatic experience is life-altering. Not only does it affect the victim, but their family and friends are afflicted as well. Whether you or your loved one have endured […Read More]

Does Capitalization Matter?

YES IT DOES. (Stop yelling.) Words get the job done, whether you are selling a product, promoting a service, fundraising for a cause, providing information or sharing your opinion. Sure, you can post a gorgeous photo of your new lamp design and those people who stumble across it will be amazed at its unparalleled “lamposity.” You pretty much need words and numbers, however, to explain what this lamp is, how […Read More]

SEO Content Infographic

The Importance of SEO Content Copywriters have always understood the value of good content, but the recent Panda updates by Google have resulted in the industry wide “rediscovery” of content as an essential Internet marketing strategy. This is no shallow buzzword or knee jerk reaction; SEO professionals have already proven how successful quality Web content can be. This infographic by Brafton spells out how quality content improves optimization. It all […Read More]