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Advice Local Verticals for Healthcare

Big News for Service-Based Businesses – Advice Local Launches Local Verticals

It’s been a busy week here at Advice Local. Today, we announced the availability of our Local Verticals product line, to the public. This product ensures doctors, lawyers, plumbers and more have their business listed on niche citation sites, which increases the likelihood of being found by consumers in search.

As the press release states:

“Niche citations are those business listings in directories, which are segmented by specific industries. When search engines look to populate a list of local businesses based on a consumer’s search, it’s easier for the robots and algorithms to understand what the business is, and what it offers, when the business is listed on these authoritative niche directory sites.”

Over the last five years, we have been working through exclusive partnerships with our resellers, to provide this niche citation service. Now other public agencies, brands and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can directly obtain this service for their customers or their own business.

Why is This Important for Businesses?

Simply put, when a business is categorically more relevant to searchers, it has a much greater chance of being found and selected as the service provider of choice by a consumer. The focus of niche citation submissions is to ensure specific business categories, such as lawyers, doctors or home service professionals like plumbers, populate in those key search results.

Local Verticals focuses on maximizing a business’s online visibility in their niche. This new product is a companion product to Advice Local’s other submission packages, allowing a business the opportunity to expand its digital footprint. It’s not enough to be in generic search when a listing in a category-specific directory, adds authority for a local business in search.

Which Local Verticals are Currently Available?

  • Local Verticals for Healthcare
  • Local Verticals for Legal
  • Local Verticals for Home Services
  • Local Verticals for Financial Institutions
  • Local Verticals for Restaurants

How Do I Get Started With Local Verticals?

  • Existing Resellers – The Local Verticals product line will be available through your existing dashboard (contact your account manager for details)
  • Agencies and Brands – Complete the form to request a demo and one of our representatives will contact you
  • SMBs – Register for a free 30-day trial and order the Local Verticals product from your local presence management dashboard

Are you ready to get started? Click here to learn more!

One thought on “Big News for Service-Based Businesses – Advice Local Launches Local Verticals

  1. Online listings and directories business is picking up. Borrell estimates this segment of SMB marketing to reach $800M in the next 12-24 months. I think verticalization of business listings and citations is definitely the right approach. I have to assume the larger players (Yext) are thinking about this as well. Given this is a very fragmented industry, I expect there will be some consolidation in the near future. -makeitmindful

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