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How Your Business Can Capitalize on Mobile for Local Search

How Your Business Can Capitalize on Mobile for Local Search

Local search is one of the best ways you can maximize your company’s online exposure. As the trend moves away from traditional print marketing to online marketing aimed at capturing the attention of consumers on their mobile devices, local search is more important than ever and how your business capitalizes on it.

Why You Need to Optimize for Local Search

According to some recent studies, by the year 2016, the number of mobile searches people make will surpass the number of PC searches. This means that, in the next couple of years, people will be less likely to wait until they get home to search for a company, but instead will use their mobile devices to find it right away. You don’t want to be left behind as that transition occurs.

Right now, on average, every three out of five consumers search for the service or product they need on their phone or tablet.

Where to Start

Google is the leader in all mobile searches, so you will want to capitalize on what they have already built. Optimize your Google+ page to help people find your local business, and don’t forget to include your business on Google Maps. If somebody is searching for your product or service you want to be found.

Bing and Yahoo, along with Google, have heavily invested in their mobile platforms, so you want to ensure that your business is visible on all three. Since they are the heavyweights of this category, you might as well maximize your online advertising by benefiting from their already-cemented online presence. If these three platforms are where people go to find answers, your business should be on there too.

Mobiles Apps to Check Out

AroundMe is an app that can be used on smartphones and tablets alike. This local search app allows a customer to search what products and services are in close proximity to where he or she is, including things like restaurants, hotels and gas stations. It works in tandem with some of the biggest websites who localize information, allowing their users to find exactly what they are looking for when and where they need it.

FourSquare is a staple local search app, making it easy for people to find the perfect product or service. This app tracks what people search for and makes recommendations based on their previous searches. This means that your company could be discovered by somebody who hadn’t intended on looking for you. You can benefit from periphery recommendations from other users on this app.

The mobile boom is not slowing down and your company needs to jump on board now before it is left behind.  We are now in an age where everyone, young and old, has a Smartphone and knows how to use it.  This creates an exciting opportunity to reach new customers and keep old customers coming back to you.