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Free Local SEO Tools

Start Today with Local Presence Management: Free Local SEO Tools

The online visibility of any local business is essential for getting found by consumers in this digital age and, if there is bad data, duplicate listings or no listing at all, then they are losing customers.

To solve this problem Advice Local has created a set of free local SEO tools that make it quick and easy for a SMB or digital marketing agency to check their online visibility and data accuracy across the Internet of a brick-n-mortar business. Make no mistake, these tools are crucial to a business’s online visibility and prosperity.

Free Local SEO Tools

1. Online Visibility Report

With a quick click of a button a business’s listings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the top 50 directories will be checked. The Online Visibility Report gives all of this information in one convenient place, making it easy to correct and update any bad data that may be found for the business.

2. Google My Business Duplicate Listings Checker

The duplicate listings checker identifies any Google My Business duplication. It’s simple to use: just enter the business’s name and zip code. If any duplicates are found you can then take the steps to remove the duplicate or hire us to do it for you.

3. Mobile Website Testing Tool

Google’s algorithm checks a website for mobile-friendliness. Websites that are not, risk being removed from search results on desktop and mobile search. By simply entering the business domain and clicking run, our Mobile Website Tester enables a business to see if their website truly is fully mobile optimized or not. If not, we have a quick and affordable solution to solve this problem for every business.

4. Local Presence Management Dashboard

The Local Presence Management Dashboard is a one stop cloud-based platform, which provides location data monitoring and maintenance through Local Safeguard™, as well as online reputation and review monitoring. You can schedule a demo right now.

Remember, online visibility is not a “one and done” process. A business’s local presence must be monitored, maintained, and adapted based on algorithm changes on a consistent basis.

Get started with our FREE Local SEO Tools TODAY!

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