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Expand Search Horizons Beyond Google for Local Visibility

Expand Search Horizons Beyond Google for Local Visibility

Last week we examined the importance of mapping apps and navigation solutions for local businesses. Today we’ll talk about creating a local client optimization strategy that isn’t restricted to Google.

What is Local Presence Management

Reach More Consumers by Improving Visibility on Multiple Search Engines

Damian Rollison over on Street Fight published an article this week that looks at Google’s local search dominance. Within the piece, he builds a case for the eventual erosion of this dominance – and almost puts out a challenge to startups to shift how local is done. Well, this got us thinking about the other search engines.

As Damian points out, there are other search engines for consumers to pick from. Some of these are used for very specific types of searches, and others exist because users want a private experience, or simply an option other than Google.

This brings us to today’s topic and question: Are you optimizing your clients for local on other search engines?

Bing has a 7.61% global search market share and DuckDuckGo has 0.63%. But as Damian points out, younger age groups often gravitate towards alternative platforms and market share can dissolve. And don’t forget the power of innovation – this is well-illustrated in the social media world by the rise of TikTok.

How to Optimize for Alternative Search Engines

When we search Probate Attorney McKinney, TX on Bing we get Bing’s equivalent of the local pack. This means that to optimize for Bing, you need to optimize your client’s Bing Places listing.

image Bing search results

When we search DuckDuckGo.com for the same thing, we get map results that are populated by Apple Maps.

duckduckgo example image

The question is, are you really optimizing the client for the search engine – or for the solution that powers their results?

With our business listing management solution you can achieve both. Our solution allows you to optimize your clients’ data in your Advice Local partner dashboard, then have it distributed to the most important sites – including Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp and much more.

Our Google Business Profile Sync feature lets you enter all the business’ information in our dashboard and sync it to the business’ Google Business Profile (GBP). You can even optimize the business’ Bing Places listing by syncing that with the business’ GBP.

Improving Local SEO Beyond Google

So once again, are you optimizing your clients for the search engine or for the solution that powers their results?! As you can see, you can accomplish both by using Advice Local’s partner dashboard.

With an over-reliance on Google being as perilous as ever, it’s important to diversify your clients’ visibility. There are many instances where businesses were displaced after a Google algorithm update. We also shared a real-world example of a GBP that was adversely impacted by bad data. However, insulating your clients from the worst of these problems is still possible with a diversified approach to search marketing.

Try Advice Local’s Business Listings Management Solution for Yourself

We’ve given you a brief insight into our business listing management solution and how GBP Sync can help your clients’ businesses. Well, now it’s time to try it for yourself. Enjoy a range of local presence management tools from a single dashboard. Request a demo today by calling (214) 310-1356.