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From The Queen of Local SEO, Bernadette Coleman

Expand Your Brand Reach: Submit for Awards Programs

How many times have you contemplated submitting your work for awards programs and then changed your mind? Perhaps you think it isn’t worth the time it will take to pull your entry together. As a CEO who has spent many an hour pulling together entries, I can tell you that it is indeed worth it. My company has won many awards, some of them because I took the time to personally pull the entry information together and hit submit. Don’t take my word for it, check out our trophy case!

Now I will share just some of the benefits that follow from participating in awards programs.

Reasons to Participate in Awards Programs

  • Increased exposure for your company/brand
  • Increased exposure for your client’s brand
  • Puts your company/brand in the position of a leader in the space
  • Preparation and Research for submission = case studies for your website
  • Preparation and Research for submission = presentations for potential clients

Exposure at Awards Ceremony/Conference

  • Potential on-stage time
  • Networking with top media executives
  • Dedicated online post-event exposure
  • Visibility with industry press

Tips for a Winning Entry 

  • Include the compelling reason you chose to submit the project for the award
  • Follow all the rules for a proper submission, including respecting the deadline
  • When submitting using a client’s information, be sure to obtain permission in writing from that client
  • Submit any questions well in advance of the deadline

All in all, this is an excellent opportunity for your company, your clients and the brands you represent to get noticed for their hard work and smart marketing strategies!

Have you entered your company for an award previously? What did you learn and how did it help your brand exposure?