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How To Add A Business Listing To Birectory

How To Add A Business Listing To Birectory

Birectory logo


  1. Click on the above link.

  2. Click on the “Add your company” button.

  3. Enter information in the fields provided. You will be required to enter your company registration number to list with this site. You will also be required to enter an email that is through an isp, or website. This site does not permit registration through free emails such as yahoo, hotmail, or gmail if using them as your primary email. You can use a free service as a secondary email.

  4. You will need to open your email to activate your account. Once you have clicked on the “Activate My Account” link in your email, you will be immediately re-directed back to the member area of Birectory.

  5. Click on the link to the left of the page entitled “My Company Info.”

  6. Fill in the details as required. You can also add a company logo and/or image. Click submit when finished.

  7. The next page will ask if you wish to be a V.I.P listing. At the time of this article, Birectory is asking $10.00 per week to be listed as a V.I.P. For the purpose of this “how to”, we will click “No Thanks.”

  8. You will be taken back to the page mentioned in point 6. Review all information to ensure it is correct then click “submit.”

  9. To view your listing, click “Detail Preview” which is a green link toward the top of the page on the right hand side.

  10. To visit your admin page and make alterations, simply click the above link and log in to the site using the information you provided.

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