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From The Queen of Local SEO, Bernadette Coleman

I Like Small Screens and I Can Not Lie.

So I openly admit I have nomophobia. What’s nomophobia you ask? It’s the fear of being out of contact with your mobile phone. This might sound crazy to you, but more than 66% of the population suffers from nomophobia. (This is the most recent number I could find, so it’s probably even higher now.)

What is Nomophobia

Take the Nomophobia Quiz and Find Out If You Have It

1. When do you first check your phone?

a.  As soon as you wake up
b.  During Breakfast
c.  On the way to work
d.  When you get a message

2. How often do you check it?

a.  Every 4 minutes
b.  Every 30 minutes
c.  Every hour
d.  Couple of times a day

3. Where do you keep your mobile phone while you sleep?

a.  Under the pillow
b.  Beside the bed
c.  Other side of the room
d.  In another room

4. Do you take your phone with you to the bathroom?

a.  Usually
b.  Sometimes
c.  You’ve considered it
d.  Never

5. What do you mostly use your phone for?

a.  Social media
b.  Emails
c.  Music and games
d.  Texts and calls

It’s time to tally up the total. For every answer that was “A” give yourself 8 points, “B” is 6 points, “C” is 4 points and “D” is 2 points.

If you scored between 10–15 points there is no evidence of nomophobia. Ranging between 16–28 points puts you on a slippery slope. And well, if your score was 29–40 points, you have an addiction.

Quiz Source: Unknown

If you feel you need to give yourself all the points for every answer on question 5, you’re in real trouble, but that’s OK—I’m there right along with you.

So Why Do I Think It’s OK That I Have Nomophobia?

My phone makes my life easier. The minute it stops doing that, I’ll stop using it. It also makes the lives of all those around me easier. They can communicate with me when they want, when they need, and when they have time.

I love my mobile phone because I can …

  • Communicate instantly with a friend halfway around the world
  • Find out who is saying what on social media
  • Listen to my favorite audio book
  • Watch a movie

The list of what I can do from my mobile phone is endless.

Plus, mobile is the new local. Businesses that aren’t embracing it will be left behind. Are you helping your clients to embrace mobile?

Advice Mobile eBook

I’ll be exploring the mobile world over the coming weeks. Stay tuned and keep coming back for more.

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  1. The dangers of technology huh? Well, I believe its ok if I can adapt to my addiction though… I don’t think nomophobia is really all that bad 🙂

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