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10 Quotes to Motivate Your Marketing

I love quotes. In fact, I keep a quote book where I keep inspirational, relevant, and funny quotes I can refer to at any time. On bad days, they keep me motivated to keep pushing ahead, and on good days, they remind me to always strive for more.

You can Google search “marketing quotes” to find hundreds of other blogs filled with quotes about the industry, but usually need something more than than. Quotes from notable leaders in the industry don’t always inspire me to do better work or be a better marketer—instead, they usually just tell me what someone else thinks about marketing. And what good does that do, really?

So here are several quotes that inspire me—for determination, resilience, and success. Perhaps they’ll even inspire you.











And no motivational quote blog of any kind would be complete without a gem from Zig Ziglar:

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”

Happy marketing!

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  1. Here is one that helps me quite a bit: “It is interesting to note that the words reactive and creative are spelled with exactly the same letters. The difference is that we have to “C” differently.” I think it is from John Adams

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