SEO Tips from The Best Women SEO Experts

Sometimes, it may seem like SEO is a man’s world. And, sure, there are a lot of really talented men in the industry and I am happy to say I work with many of them. But, let’s not forget about all the ladies of SEO. This industry is perfect for anyone (male or female) with an analytical mind and a burning desire to reside at the top of their game, […Read More]

Does Your Client Need Mobile Responsive Design?

The quick answer is absolutely! The need for responsive website design is a tricky concept for many business owners to grasp.  People are conditioned to be skeptical and say “no” when they think they are being sold.  Your job as an SEO sales professional is to break down the wall of disbelief, find out what marketing advice your client needs, and start the education process. Improving Your Sales Pitch with […Read More]

A #SocialMedia Pitfall: If No One Sees It, No One Shares it

Community Blog / If No One Sees It, No One Shares it: A #SocialMedia Pitfall (via Meet Advisors) Increasing inbound traffic and search engine rankings through content marketing is routine to most businesses, but there is always room for improvement. In the constantly changing social media world, businesses need to make sure every new piece of content attracts attention and improves engagement. Here are some techniques to enhance content visibility […Read More]

Open Source WordPress Options Page Plugin

WordPress Options Page Plugin Tutorial I use option pages quite a bit when doing WordPress development. So much so that I created an open source WordPress plugin and would like to share it with you. You can download the source files or view the project on GitHub. Note: this tutorial and plugin assumes that you are comfortable with the WordPress API and editing PHP files. Downloading The Plugin After you […Read More]

Facebook Page Link Post Update: Are Links Now More Important?

It was hard to miss that a change occurred to the size of link previews on Facebook this week. Now, when brand and company Pages post links to their followers, the once miniscule image preview now appears as a full-width image. This update continues to align with Facebook’s new vision for users’ Newsfeeds, where they emphasize bold, beautiful, and image-conscious content shares. The Specs The update was rolled out on […Read More]

Think Before Using Social Networking Sites or You Are Fired! #SocialMedia

First let me say that I love social media. I have a Facebook account, twitter, Google + profile, instagram… you name it I use it. I love how they keep me in touch with friends and family, how they keep me informed about current events, make me laugh and sometimes cry. But I also use them for something else. I use social media to learn a little more about potential […Read More]

How Do You Write Title Tags & H1’s for #LocalSEO?

Ok fellow local SEO experts, time to come to the table and show your cards. We all understand how important local SEO is to our small and “nationally local” clients. Heck, we all wait with bated breath for David Mihm & the folks at to release the local ranking factors. (Thanks @davidmihm!) As a matter of fact, Chuck Finley at Cre8asite Forums says, “For those of you that are interested in […Read More]