How to Create a Google Local Business Listing

If you’re a business owner who has decided to invest some time and effort into broadening your company’s online presence through local business directories, congratulations. You’ve taken an important step toward distinguishing yourself from the competition. Now, the next step is to determine which listings you want to be a part of. One that you should definitely be on is Google My Business. Here’s how to create a Google local […Read More]

Advice Local Reaches 1 Million Submission Mark

By combining the latest in advanced technology with good old-fashioned hard work, Advice Local has reached a milestone of which we are extremely proud. Our company recently hit the 1 million citation submissions mark, helping increase the online visibility of more than 27,000 businesses. As a result, our customers have ranked higher in local business directories and enjoyed exponential increases in website traffic. No Cutting Corners Advice Local is the only […Read More]

How to Be an Instant SEO Expert: The 1 Minute Prep for Sales Calls

Do you make outbound cold calls to new digital marketing prospects? Do you receive inbound calls and need to appear like the instant SEO expert? If you answered “yes” to either of the questions above, you need a strategy to differentiate yourself from the fifteen other knuckleheads your prospects are talking to everyday. You need to be of value. Providing value is your most important objective. If you are of value, you will […Read More]

Everything You Need to Know About Google My Business

In our opinion, Google My Business is the best upgrade since the birth of Google Plus. It allows a business to get into Google products such as Search, Maps and Google Plus – which are all fundamental pillars of any sort of local search program. Not only will Google My Business increase your company’s online visibility, it is also one of the best ways to build a loyal fan base. […Read More]

DFW Rocks Social Media Conference — Through the Eyes of an Intern

I’ve always found that I benefit most from doing a cannonball into the pool rather than going in slowly by just dipping my toes. Lucky for me, Advice Interactive’s rock star of a CEO, Bernadette Coleman, agrees. She gave me the opportunity to attend the DFW Rocks Social Media conference in Addison, Texas, over a late June weekend. For those of you who do not know the organizer, Lissa Duty, she is […Read More]

Your LinkedIn Professional Network

Your LinkedIn® Professional Networking: How to Connect, Optimize, and Implement for Success teaches you how to create top of mind awareness within your LinkedIn network through branding, optimizing your profile and using search to grow your network. Co-authored by Lissa Duty, Advice Interactive Group VP of community management, this book is your go-to CliffsNotes on leveraging LinkedIn. Highlight it, mark it up, refer to it and implement. This book focuses […Read More]

Write Great Controversial Content – to Debate or Not to Debate

Getting people to hate your content is just as important as getting people to like it right? I think so, and I recently learned the value of writing content that caused a debate when I wrote an article titled, “She Wrote an Article About These SEO Tips and You Won’t Believe What Matt Cutts Did Next. Especially After He Saw Tip #5,” and quite a few people were upset, but boy […Read More]

Bernadette Coleman Lands a Home Run at #DFWSEO!

I was really excited to have the opportunity to hear Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive CEO, recently present at the DFW Interactive Marketing, Internet SEO & SEM Meetup. Bernadette started in this industry in 2006 as a consultant, just like me, and has accomplished great things. Her presentation focused on local SEO, social media and content. Attendees left with many great takeaways. For me, her presentation affirmed everything I have been telling […Read More]

Content Creation Across Platforms and Devices, Part II

Previously, I wrote about the relative merits of cloud-based applications for content creation. In that article I covered the big three cloud services: GoogleDrive, Apple iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive. All of those services provide varying levels of free storage space and productivity software that lets content developers create, share, store and access text and visual content in a secure environment. This week I focus on some additional cloud tools that […Read More]