Content as a Service (CaaS) in 2015

You may have heard of SaaS, software as a service. The term refers to a newer way for software vendors to offer their products to consumers. Rather than sell software that the consumer installs on his or her computer hard drive, SaaS provides software over the Internet for a subscription fee rather than a hefty, one-time price. This has two big advantages over software that is resident on an individual […Read More]

Using Your WordPress Website and Local SEO

With the growing popularity and increasing demand of SEO requirements, now, more than ever before, it’s essential for large and small business owners to utilize their company’s website to its fullest potential. This procedure begins with attracting local businesses and clientele to your website and company. In order to achieve that goal, you must first have an appealing and interesting company website. Why WordPress? WordPress is the leading platform for large […Read More]

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Citation Builder

At Advice Local, we want to make sure that you hire only the best local citation builder, so we’ve compiled a list of the top five questions you should ask before you make your final hiring decision. How much do you charge? This may seem like a fairly obvious question, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who jump into a project without considering their budget. Before you […Read More]

A Beginner’s Guide to Promoting a Website with Social Bookmarking

There’s a lot more to promoting your content than just hitting the ‘Publish’ button, and even if your content is of excellent quality, there are still a few additional steps that you need to take to increase your website’s exposure. When it comes to promoting your website or blog and its content, you simply cannot afford to ignore social media, and social bookmarking services can also help to increase your […Read More]

How to Use Google Pigeon To Your Advantage With Local SEO

Companies and websites across the Internet experienced upheaval in their traffic stats with Google’s latest update, Pigeon. Thankfully, not all local SEO efforts need to be changed. How To Find Out What Google Thinks of You Improve Your Local Ranking in Four Easy Steps  Google your business See what Google considers your “local” area Determine what search term you’re already ranking for Work on rising up in those areas: locality […Read More]

Four Bing Local Business Profile Setup Tips

At Advice Local, we value search engine optimization, and we know that we can optimize just about anything, including your Bing Local Business profile. We’ve put together a few tips to help you on your Internet marketing journey. 1. Claim Your Bing Local Business Profile All you need to do is log into Bing Local and participate in the verification process. This is the first, crucial step to taking charge […Read More]

Conversation Rate Optimization: Fundamentals You Can’t Revisit Enough

“There are two kinds of people doing conversion optimization: tacticians and strategists,” wrote Chris Goward in this KISSmetrics article about conversion strategy and tactics. Here, we aren’t going to dwell on the pros and cons of either side. Whether you like to think of yourself as a tactician or a strategist, you need to remember that either is incomplete without the other. Ongoing CRO needs a healthy mix of strategy and tactics. […Read More]