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KPCB's Internet Trends 2016

Internet Trends Report 2016 Infographic

In just under 30 minutes somehow, Mary Meeker presented 200+ slides covering her 2016 internet trends report, at the Code Conference. And as always, it was eye opening, chock full of information and slightly overwhelming (in a good way). Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) does not skim the surface, they take deep dives into their research, something for which I know many of us are grateful.

We all know pictures make reviewing a mammoth amount of data like that more fun to deal with. So Advice Local made a easy to understand infographic for you! Read, learn, build killer strategic plans, and make sure to share this information on your social media channels and websites.

Take a thorough look at this resource to get up to speed on the latest in global internet use, details about mobile, the love of web 2.0 amongst Gen Z, hot social media channels and more. And for a more in-depth look at each section of the infographic, check out this detailed post.

Feel free to embed the infographic on your blog (see below the graphic for the embed code) and share with your network online. Please be sure to give credit to Advice Local for the creation of the infographic and the source of the data KPCB.

Now, get out there and make digital marketing magic.

KPCB's 2016 Internet Trends Report 2016

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