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Making Local Search trends simple

Making Local Search Trends Simple Infographic

As you know, I’m passionate about local search and making it as simple as possible. I even have an entire content series called “Local Search Made Easy” dedicated to this focus. Today, we are taking it a step further and providing you with an infographic on 2018 local search trends to back it up even more.

Don’t worry, for those who like to read, I have a summary, too. But first, here’s the infographic. Ready?

Making Local Search Simple in 2018

 Making Local Search Simple in 2018 Infographic

We’re All About Local Search Made Easy

When it comes to improving local search results placement and optimizing a business’ local presence online, there are five must-haves for getting found online.

1. Accuracy Is Everything

 When people want something in today’s society, they want it now. That means, in order to be found, all local business listings need to be up to par, especially with the fast-paced demands of the average online consumer. Inaccurate listings can seriously set a business back. Every local business must absolutely have a resource for building citations and cleaning up bad data.

2. Manage That Reputation

A handful of bad reviews on Google or Yelp can drive a business into the gutter. Only 13 percent of consumers are willing to use a business with one- or two-star ratings. That’s why local businesses need to monitor their online presence and the reviews customers leave behind. Not only do they need to combat the negative reviews, but they also need to respond to the positive reviews in order to maintain an exemplary online reputation.

3. Optimize and Create What Inspires Others to Take Action

Consumers today are looking for straight-forward, user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate. They also want to see real content that provides them with legitimate information. If the business’ website frequently experiences technical issues, is crowded with unnecessary copy, or is generally difficult to use, then they’re in trouble. In fact, 67 percent of consumers lose trust in a business if they get lost trying to find it. While this stat applies to the real world, you can imagine it has the same impact, if not greater, online.

4. Go With Social

To connect with a vast audience, a strong social media presence is vital. Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms provide access to thousands of potential customers and methods to drive traffic to a business’ website. Plus, most social media platforms come with free metrics for tracking reach and popularity, so it’s easy to learn quite a bit about the target audience.

5. Measure With Metrics

It’s impossible to track the success of a business, let alone a website, without keeping frequent records. Reviewing and assessing data is the only way to know how well a business is truly doing, and without records, taking the necessary steps to achieve better results in the future isn’t possible.

Did We Make it Simple Enough?

To help you and your clients make local search easy, we’ve created this detailed infographic that you can share with everyone. Embed the infographic on your blog (see below for the embed code) and share this knowledge with your online community.

At Advice Local, we are always looking for the best ways to better serve our agency, brand and franchise partners. Need help following these five big tips? Not a partner yet? Request a demo to see how we can get you where you need to be.

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