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4 Ways Businesses Can Drive Mobile App Engagement (And Why It Matters!)

4 Ways Businesses Can Drive Mobile App Engagement (And Why It Matters!)

Some local businesses underestimate the importance of having a branded mobile app. In today’s mobile-first world, the fact is that even if a business has a mobile-friendly website, it still needs a branded mobile app.

Why? Because mobile apps are designed specifically to look great and work well on mobile devices, which means they can deliver a better user experience than your typical website.

There is also an increased potential for consumer engagement and conversions if the app is leveraged properly – for instance, by using push notifications to bring users back into the app and offering exclusive deals, rewards points, promo codes and other incentives.

Here are a few other reasons local businesses need a branded mobile app:

  • Easily roll out a new loyalty program to increase sales and retention.
  • Send out updates instantly and improve communication with customers thanks to push notifications.
  • Ability to offer better customer service – which means higher customer satisfaction, positive customer reviews and better retention rates.
  • Keeping the business top-of-mind and capturing more of its customers’ attention.

While creating a branded mobile app is easier than ever, stimulating user engagement is a bit trickier. So, let’s discuss how a business can unlock these advantages by increasing customer engagement with a mobile app.

4 Tips for Improving Mobile App Engagement

1. Streamline the Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the user’s first interaction with the app – and making a great first impression is vital to ensuring continued engagement down the road. To create a positive user experience, it should be as easy as possible for customers to get started.

Use onboarding as an opportunity to get the user set up, collect any information needed to customize their experience, and educate them about the different features and functions of the app.

Whether users must create an account or register a loyalty card number, onboarding should be simple and intuitive enough for first-time users to complete without much difficulty or explanation.

2. Offer Mobile-Specific Coupons and Deals

A big part of increasing mobile engagement is giving customers a reason to use the app on a regular basis. Offer some form of real value so customers continue using the app as time goes on.

For example, allowing users to make mobile payments, access mobile-specific coupons or take advantage of in-app deals are all ways to boost mobile engagement – and drive sales at the time.

3. Release Regular Updates

An amazing mobile app can contribute to better customer experiences with the brand over all. This means releasing regular updates to keep the app running smoothly.

Businesses should pay attention to how their customers interact with their app and take user feedback into consideration when planning updates. When possible, incorporate customer suggestions into the app and add the features they want. Remember to thank users and patrons for their continued support in the app release notes.

4. Use Push Notifications to Draw Users Back

A branded mobile app offers the competitive advantage businesses need to stay on consumers’ radar. However, it’s up to the business to bring users back into the app again and again.

Aside from simplifying onboarding, offering value and keeping the app up to date, the business can also use push notifications to drive engagement. From announcing updates to inviting users to take advantage of new promotions, push notifications are a value opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with their customers.

Drive Engagement to Boost Sales!

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