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Reviews: The Double-Edged Sword

It is said that the quality of a business relies on the customer service it provides.  While this might be true, I think that for the business to actually work and have a chance to prove the quality of its customer service, it needs first to actually have commercial transactions.

The massive marketing opportunity that the internet has given businesses both on local and foreign markets has changed the way we look and choose the businesses where we are going to be doing any purchasing/hiring.  In yesteryear we would turn and try the business that had the best commercial campaign believing that they were the best.

The internet allows us to read what other people think of the service or the products that the business offers; most buyers will read more careful and thoroughly those reviews that are negative than the ones that are positive.  Many commercial transactions are lost because of these negative reviews regardless if they are fair or not, therefore, it is in the business’ best interest to make sure that the reviews that they have are always positive.

Reviews can be a tricky thing.  They can be a very good positive boost as well as a really fast track down.  Just check this case where I participated my two cents.

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